How much do you tip a safari guide in Kenya?

How much to tip in Kenya: For Kenya safari and tour guides at camps and lodges, a tip of 10 to 15USD per person per day is recommended, and tip half that amount for half-day activities. Porters at hotels usually tipped 50-100 shillings (+- 1 USD).

How much do you tip a guide?

Generally, it’s appropriate to tip your private guide $10-$15 per day and another $5-$10 for drivers. For large group tours, you’d tip half of that.

How much do you tip your safari guide?

A general rule of thumb on safari is to tip your guide USD10 and your tracker USD5 per person per day. This tip is given at the end of the safari, not on a daily basis. This amount can be adapted according to the number of people on the safari, and a ‘per day per car’ amount may be more suitable for bigger parties.

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How much do safari guides get paid?

Safari Guide Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $56,000 $4,666
75th Percentile $41,500 $3,458
Average $34,301 $2,858
25th Percentile $22,500 $1,875

How much do you tip a safari driver in Kenya?

Tipping while on safari: we suggest you budget on tipping about US$20 or Ksh2,000 per room or tent per day, always at the end of your stay in the lodge or camp. If you’re a solo traveller, you could certainly tip less – Ksh1000 would often be fine.

How much do you tip a ghost tour guide?

According to Trip Advisor – we should have tipped 15-20%.

Is it rude to not tip?

Studies have shown that service doesn’t actually matter. People will tip what they tip no matter if the service is good or bad. Basically, if you’re not tipping for truly great service, you’re tipping to avoid having your peers perceive you as a truly lousy butthead.

How much do safari guides make in Tanzania?

In Tanzania the safari guide’s salary ranges anywhere from 10,000 tsh (Tanzanian Shillings – 5 USD) to 40 USD per day. It is similar in Kenya. In South Africa the average salary for a guide may be higher, especially for guides working at the top-end lodges. For some that could be 50 USD per day or even more.

How do I prepare for an African safari?

First Time Safari Tip #10: Stay Healthy

  1. Drink plenty of water from one of these travel water bottles.
  2. Keep yourself covered from the sun. …
  3. Stay limber. …
  4. Take antimalarial medicine if you are a worrier. …
  5. Get some shut eye. …
  6. Take it easy on your stomach. …
  7. Bring a small medical kit with some basic needs for emergencies.
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How much do you tip in Kenya?

tipping in restaurants in Kenya

When eating at a restaurant in Kenya, you should leave at least a 10% tip of the total cost of the bill. Keep in mind that Kenyan workers do not make much, so they rely heavily on tips. If you would like to leave more, feel free to do so.

What is the minimum wage in Tanzania?

Tanzania’s minimum wage is set by categories covering various employment sectors. The minimum wage ranges from 40,000 Tanzanian shillings per month to 400,000 shillings per month.

How much do tour guides earn?

The average tour guide salary in South Africa is R 258 000 per year or R 132 per hour. Entry level positions start at R 240 000 per year while most experienced workers make up to R 258 000 per year.

How do you become a Gameranger?

In order to qualify as a game ranger you need to undergo tertiary training at an accredited institution. Many game rangers hold diplomas in nature conservation or have bachelor’s degrees majoring in the natural sciences (zoology, biology, conservation ecology, wildlife management, botany etc.)

What should I wear on safari in Kenya?


  • Trainers / Walking shoes / safari boots.
  • Comfortable shoes: loafers / moccasins / deck shoes.
  • Hat.
  • Jacket / Windbreaker / Fleece for the very chilly early morning and evening game drives.
  • Waterproof light rainjacket.
  • Warm sweater / Fleece jacket.
  • 2 pairs safari trousers / chinos.
  • 2 pairs safari shorts.

How much do you tip hotel staff?

The American Hotel & Lodging Association suggests $1 to $5 each night. You should leave a note thanking them, along with the money, making it clear the money is for housekeeping.

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How much do you tip a driver in Kenya?

Tipping the driver is not necessary, but still nice. You can offer anything from 100 shillings to 200 shillings.

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