How many vehicles are there in Zambia?

Zambia Motor Vehicle Registered was reported at 370.000 Unit th in Dec 2015. This records an increase from the previous number of 360.000 Unit th for Dec 2014. Zambia Motor Vehicle Registered data is updated yearly, averaging 330.000 Unit th from Dec 2005 to 2015, with 11 observations.

How many vehicles are in Zambia?

What was Zambia’s Number of Registered Vehicles in 2019?

Last Previous Max
40,746 2019 44,465 2018 381,948 2011

How many vehicles are there?

Presently, there are 1.42 billion cars in operation worldwide, including 1.06 billion passenger cars and 363 million commercial vehicles. To put that into perspective, the number of cars in the world reached 1 billion in 2009.

Who owns the most cars in the world?

The car collection of the 29th Sultan of Brunei is the largest private car collection in the world, consisting of approximately 7,000 cars which have an estimated combined value over US$5 billion.

Which country has the best cars?

The Best Cars: South Korea

When you average the overall scores of car brands from all countries, the South Koreans come out on top. The win is based on something most industry experts know but consumers may not be aware of: Cars from Hyundai and Kia offer a lot for the money.

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Who owns the most expensive car?

Portugal’s national footballer and Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo has bought the world’s most expensive car Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

How many cars Bill Gates have?

With a net worth of more than US$ 100 billion, Bill Gates can afford any car he wants. The garage at his mansion can house 23 cars. But still his collection is relatively modest. He does have a Porsche car collection, including several Porsche 911s.

Bill Gates Car Collection.

Name: Bill Gates
Car: Porsche 911, Porsche 959

Who has the nicest car collection?

The 10 Biggest Car Collectors in the World

  1. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. With a staggering $20 billion net worth and the largest royal palace in the world with.
  2. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. A billionaire member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling elite, the “Rainbow Sheik” is quite. …
  3. Jay Leno. …
  4. Ken Lingenfelter. …
  5. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. …
  6. Gerard Lopez. …
  7. Dmitry Lomakov. …
  8. Jay Kay. …


In which country are cars the cheapest?

But in some countries, it costs a lot less, depending on the type of car. For example, Russia is the cheapest country to own an SUV and sports cars are cheaper to own in Canada than any other country, according to insurance data.

Which is the No 1 car company in world?

Volkswagen, Toyota, and Daimler are the three leading passenger car manufacturers in the world.

Largest Car Companies.

Rank Company Country
#1 Volkswagen Germany
#2 Toyota Japan
#3 Daimler Germany
#4 Ford Motor United States
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What is the best car brand?

CR’s 10 Top Picks: 4 from Toyota, Lexus

2021 Consumer Reports Car Brand Rankings
2021 Rank Change Brand
1. ↑3 Mazda
2. ↑6 BMW
3. NC Subaru
Across the Sahara