How many universities does Zambia?

In Zambia, there are three universities and several technical schools that provide higher education.

How many government universities are in Zambia?

The higher education system of Zambia is represented by 16 universities with 409 study programs. In addition 242 Bachelor programs at 16 universities, 141 Master programs at 14 universities and 26 PhD programs at 6 universities.

What are the top 20 universities in Zambia?


ranking World Rank University
1 2176 University of Zambia
2 4947 Copperbelt University
3 9149 Mulungushi University
4 13039 Zambian Open University

What are the top 10 universities in Zambia?

2021 Zambian University Ranking

sort by: rank a-z town oldest filter by: public private non-profit for-profit
# University Town
1 University of Zambia Lusaka
2 The Copperbelt University Kitwe …
3 University of Lusaka Lusaka

How many universities are in Lusaka?

Universities in Lusaka

City Region Universities
Lusaka Lusaka 8
Kabwe Central 3
Kitwe Copperbelt 2
Kalulushi Copperbelt 1
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What is the best medical school in Zambia?

Best Universities To Medical Courses in Zambia 2021

Number School Location
1 Texila American University Zambia Lusaka
2 University of Zambia School of Medicine Lusaka
3 University of Lusaka School of Medicine Lusaka
4 CUZ School of Medicine Lusaka

What is the best private university in Zambia?

The best private universities in Zambia are:

  • Justo Mwale University.
  • Victoria Falls University of Technology.
  • Eden University.
  • Supershine University.
  • Gideon Robert University.
  • The University of East and Southern Africa.
  • Evangelical University.


What is the largest college in Zambia?

Several Christian schools offer seminary-level training.

  • University of Zambia. The University of Zambia is Zambia’s largest university, founded in 1966. …
  • Copperbelt University. …
  • Mulungushi University. …
  • Nkrumah University. …
  • Mukuba University. …
  • Zambia Catholic University. …
  • Zambian Open University. …
  • Cavendish University Zambia.

Are universities opening in Zambia?

The Ministry of Higher Education has announced the re-opening of universities and colleges next month. The Permanent Secretary Kayula Siame said the reopening will be done in a phased manner, starting with those in final of their study programmes.

Which one is the biggest university in the world?

With 3.5 million students matriculated, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) from India is the largest university in the world.

What is the best engineering school in Zambia?

Top Engineering Schools In Zambia – 2020

  • 2.1.1 1. Zambia Air Services Training Institute.
  • 2.1.2 2. The Copperbelt University School Of The Built Environment.
  • 2.1.3 3. Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering.
  • 2.1.4 4. Zambia ICT College.
  • 2.1.5 5. University of Zambia School of Engineering.
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How many private universities are in Zambia?

How many private universities is currently in Zambia? This is a list of registered universities in Zambia. As of 2020, there were 9 registered public institutions and 54 registered private institutions in Zambia following regulations set forth by the Zambian Higher Education Authority.

Is edenberg University registered in Zambia?

Officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Zambia, University of Edenberg (UniBerg) is a coeducational Zambian higher education institution formally affiliated with the Christian-Adventist religion.

What is the best nursing school in Zambia?

Best Universities Offering Degree in Nursing in Zambia

No. Best Nursing Schools in Zambia City
1 University of Zambia Lusaka
2 University of Lusaka Lusaka
3 Mulungushi University Kabwe
4 Texila American University Lusaka

Who is the owner of Eden University?

Kelvin Kaunda,Eden University owner, to renovate Matero Stadium.

How do I register a university in Zambia?

Visit the Institute of Distance Education website by typing “” in your web browser (mozila, chrome,internet explorer etc.) Undergraduate Students: On your left-hand side, locate and click on “Online Registration(Undergraduate)” under the heading “online services”

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