How many schools are in Lagos?

Lagos 799
Akwa Ibom 325
Ondo 370
Gombe 157

How many schools are there in Lagos?

Number of Public Primary Schools 1,045 1,081 2. Number of Public Junior Secondary Schools 314 323 3. Number of Public Senior Secondary Schools 305 303 4. Number of Technical Schools.

How many schools are in Nigeria?

The number of mixed public secondary Schools in Nigeria stands at 8,930 in 2016 while 9,015 schools were accounted for in 2017. Similarly, the number of mixed private secondary schools totalled 12,758 in 2016 and 13,423 in 2017.

What is the name of the best school in Lagos?

Below is a list of the best schools in Lagos in 2021:

  • Grenville International School, Ikeja.
  • Temple School, Ikeja.
  • Kings College, Lagos.
  • Queens College, Lagos.
  • Caleb British Academy.
  • Dansol High School, Ikeja.
  • Edgewood College, Lekki.
  • Pinefield Schools, Lekki.
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How many secondary schools are there in Nigeria?

The number of public secondary schools in Nigeria was 13,029 as of 2018. The number of students in public institutes added up to 5.2 million, of which 1.4 million students were in the North-West, the zone with the highest concentration of students.

Are schools reopening in Lagos?

The Lagos State Government has affirmed its earlier pronouncement that all public and private schools in the state below tertiary level should resume on Monday, January 18, 2021, for the second term 2020/2021 academic session.

How much is British International School fees in Nigeria?

2. Lekki British International School, Lekki Phase 1. They charge $19,500 + N200,000 development fee. In Naira, a student pays N4,000,300 per session including feeding,school uniform,hostel, sunday wear and textbooks.

Which school is the best in Nigeria?


  • The Ambassador schools.
  • Preston International School.
  • Crescent International School.
  • City of Knowledge Academy, Ogun state.
  • Princess Shekinah International School.
  • Master Care International School.
  • Nigerian Tulip International College.
  • British Spring College.


Which state has the highest school in Nigeria?

The Gateway State is known to have the highest number of registered (private) universities and higher institutions in Nigeria. Ogun state is the home of university education in Nigeria.

Which state has the highest number of schools in Nigeria?


The state is home to the highest number of educational institutions in the Nigeria.

Does Lagos State have school resumes?

The Lagos State Government has announced Tuesday, May 4, as the resumption date for all public and private schools in the state for the commencement of the 2020/2021 third term academic session.

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How much is the school fees of Dansol high school?

The Dansol high school fees for the 2017/2018 session are between N210,000 – N300,000 for each term, depending on the student’s class.

What is the best primary school in Lagos?

Best Primary School in Lagos reviews

  • Temple Schools 5 7 reviews. …
  • Greensprings School, Anthony Campus 4.4 9 reviews. …
  • Education District 1 4.5 6 reviews. …
  • Karis School 4.7 11 reviews. …
  • St Saviour’s School, Ebute Metta 4.8 5 reviews. …
  • Ostra Private School 5 2 reviews. …
  • Delightsome Land School 4.9 8 reviews. …
  • Halifield Schools, Maryland 4 4 reviews.

Which state has the highest secondary schools in Nigeria?

Oyo is the top region by public secondary schools in Nigeria. As of 2005, public secondary schools in Oyo was 806 that accounts for 7.39% of Nigeria’s public secondary schools. The top 5 regions (others are Lagos, Delta, Edo, and Kano) account for 30.01% of it.

How many teachers do we have in Nigeria?

The Federal Government has said that although Nigeria has two million qualified and registered teachers, the country is in need of 250,000 teachers annually to cater to the growing population of pupils.

How many private schools are in Nigeria?

There are over 80,000 private secondary schools in Nigeria presently.

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