How many graduates does Nigeria produce in a year?

By some estimates Nigerian tertiary education institutions produce up to 500,000 graduates every year and there are also Nigerian graduates who study abroad who come home to compete for jobs. Jobberman describes the new data as a sign of the “need for urgent actions on both public and private sector operators”.

How many graduates are unemployed in Nigeria?

#4: How many Nigerian graduates are unemployed? About 2.9 million of Nigeria’s unemployed hold graduate and post graduate degrees from tertiary institutions.

Are Nigerian graduates employable?

It is suggested that, Nigerian graduates can be made employable through the active involvement of all stakeholders such as higher institutions, graduates, employers, parents, and government. Institutions also need to update their curricular to reflect the labour market needs.

Is it hard to get a job in Nigeria?

Getting a job in Nigeria may seem as difficult as it is to find gold on the street. The number of job seekers seems to have exceeded the number of available jobs: There is an inequality, a discrepancy that may not be balanced in a very long time.

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What is Nigeria’s unemployment rate 2020?

According to the National Bureau of Statistics’ (NBS) Labour Force Survey, Nigeria’s unemployment rate was 27% in Q2 2020 four percentage points higher than the 23% reported in Q3 2018. This is the first time in six quarters that the country’s unemployment data has been published.

Why is it so hard to find a job in Nigeria?

There are many reasons why it is so hard to find jobs in Nigeria. Some of those reasons are partly your faults as students but the bulk of it all is due to the dilapidated state of the country. Higher institutions in Nigeria churn out easily more than 500k graduates every year.

What do most Nigerians work as?

According to a World Bank survey, the agriculture sector is the largest employer of labor and income-generating activity in Nigeria. … Agriculture is an important contributor to the lives of all Nigerians.

What kind of jobs do they have in Nigeria?

So there you have it folks, the 8 most common jobs in Nigeria.

Educational Services/Teaching Jobs

  • Customer Service / Front Desk / Receptionist Jobs.
  • Programming/web development Jobs.
  • Transportation / Driving Jobs.
  • Administrative Officer Jobs.
  • Human Resources Jobs.


What is the unemployment rate in Nigeria in 2021?

In 2021, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is estimated to reach 32.5 percent. This figure is projected to increase further in 2022.

Forecasted unemployment rate in Nigeria in 2021 and 2022.

Share of unemployed individuals

Does Nigeria have a high unemployment rate?

Nigeria Unemployment Rate Rises to 33%, Second Highest on Global List.

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Which state in Nigeria has the highest unemployment rate?

Unemployment rate in Nigeria 2020, by state. The State of Benue, in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, registered by the end of 2020 the highest unemployment rate in Nigeria. In the fourth quarter of 2020, about 43.5 percent of the labor force in Benue was unemployed.

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