How many doctors are in Uganda?

According to the Uganda Annual health sector performance report 2014/2015, Uganda had a total of 81 982 health workers employed in the health sector. The number of medical doctors was estimated at 4,811, accounting for 6% of the total health workforce in the country.

What is the ratio of doctors to patients in Uganda?

The doctor-patient ratio in Uganda is estimated at 1:25,725 and the nurse to patient ratio at 1:11,000.

How many nurses are in Uganda?

Uganda has about 70,167 nurses and midwives registered with the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council.

How many hospitals are in Uganda?

The number of health facilities (public, private and private not for profit) in Uganda now totals 6,937.

Which country has the most doctors?

The Countries With the Most Doctors

  1. Russia. Number of physicians per thousand: 4.31. …
  2. Spain. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.96. …
  3. Italy. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.8. …
  4. Germany. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.69. …
  5. Ukraine. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.52. …
  6. France. …
  7. North Korea. …
  8. Argentina.
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What is the ideal doctor to population ratio?

Considering the number of registered medical practitioners of both modern medicine (MBBS) and traditional medicine (AYUSH), India has already achieved the World Health Organization recommended doctor to population ratio of 1:1,000 the “Golden Finishing Line” in the year 2018 by most conservative estimates.

How many doctors are there in Kenya?

Kenya, according to Kariuki, has 63,000 health personnel. Of these, 21,000 are nurses, 3,200 clinical officers, 2,285 doctors and 1,100 pharmacists. The rest 35,000 are public health technicians, technologists, physiotherapists and records assistants, among others.

How do I become a registered nurse in Uganda?

Submit requirements.

  1. Application letter to the Registrar UNMC. …
  2. A brief CV.
  3. Recommendation letter from employer.
  4. Photocopies of professional certificates – show original.
  5. Photocopy of latest renewal of professional license.
  6. Inspection form – obtained from UNMC – completed and stamped by the DHOs office.


What is the biggest hospital in Uganda?

The largest state-owned hospital in Uganda is Mulago Hospital in Kampala with around 1,500 beds.

What is the best hospital in Uganda?

Best Hospitals in Uganda

  • Paragon Hospital, Kampala. Contact Details: …
  • Nakasero Hospital, Nakasero. Contact details: …
  • Kumi Hospital, Uganda. Contact details: …
  • Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Kampala. Contact details: …
  • Kagando Mission Hospital, Uganda. Contact details: …
  • Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda. …
  • St Catherine’s Hospital, Uganda. …
  • St Francis Nsambya Hospital, Uganda.

What is the most common disease in Uganda?

Healthcare of Ugandans: Two Most Common Diseases in Uganda

  1. HIV/AIDS. The most common disease Uganda faces is the HIV virus. …
  2. Malaria. Although HIV/AIDS is among the most common diseases in Uganda, malaria is the most fatal — the disease is the leading cause of mortality in Uganda.
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Who is the richest surgeon?

As the richest doctor on earth, Patrick Soon Shiong is a doctor turned entrepreneur turned philanthropist who is worth close to $12 billion. He made his fortune transforming cancer treatments.

Which country is No 1 in world?

“The 2021 Best Countries analysis combines data and storytelling to explore how countries compare on a host of global issues.” For the first time, Canada is the No. 1 overall country. Japan and Germany finish Nos. 2 and 3, respectively, while Switzerland, the previous No. 1 overall country, falls to No. 4.

Who is the most powerful doctor in the world?

Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates – POLITICO.

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