How many churches are registered in Kenya?

In Kenya, there are very many churches. This is a reflection of the freedom of worship that is enshrined in Kenya’s constitution. It is said that Kenya is over 80% Christian. There are over 4000 registered churches!

Where are churches registered in Kenya?

African Nineveh Church. Church of Africa Sinai Mission. Church of God in East Africa (Kenya) – Kima Mission. Coptic Orthodox Church.

Pentecostal Churches in Kenya:

  • Nairobi Pentecostal Church.
  • Nairobi Lighthouse church.
  • Jubilee Christian Centre.
  • Redeemed Gospel Church.
  • Jesus Alive Ministries.


How many denominations are there in Kenya?

Christian 85.5% (Protestant 33.4%, Catholic 20.6%, Evangelical 20.4%, African Instituted Churches 7%, other Christian 4.1%), Muslim 10.9%, other 1.8%, none 1.6%, don’t know/no answer 0.2% (2019 est.)

Which is the richest church in Kenya?

1. Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) – With 15 branches countrywide, the CITAM church recorded a sum of 1.016 billion shillings in 2015. The church also owns Hope FM. 2.

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Do churches pay taxes in Kenya?

Churches in Kenya are exempted from paying taxes on condition that they contribute to the fight against poverty through charitable activities. There has always been a conflict regarding the tax exemption status Kenyan churches have been given by the government.

How much does it cost to register an association in Kenya?

Pay for registration fee which is KSH 2,000. At the registrar counter, they will open a file for your society where the application will complete. They will enter the name of the society and date of submission. The application takes a maximum of 120 days to be ready.

What is required to register a church in Kenya?

Requirements for Church registration in Kenya.

Names of the officials in full. Chairman, secretary and treasures. … Copies of the ID, PIN and Passport photo of the officials. Qualifications for at least one of the officials.

Which is the largest denomination in Kenya?

Religion in Kenya

  • Protestant (33.4%)
  • Evangelical churches (20.4%)
  • African instituted churches (7.0%)
  • Roman Catholic (20.6%)
  • Other Christian (4.1%)
  • Muslim (10.9%)
  • Other (1.8%)
  • No religion/atheist (1.6%)

What is the major religion in Kenya?

Christianity is the main religion in Kenya.

Is Kenya an Islamic country?

Kenya is a predominantly Christian country, with Muslims making up about 11% of its population, mostly along the north-eastern parts, its coastal region, and in cities such as Mombasa. Muslims in Kenya largely live along the coast, while the inland population is predominantly Christian except in places such as Mumias.

Which church has the most money?

Religious organizations

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Organization Worth (billion local currency units) Country
Trinity Church 6.0 United States
Opus Dei (part of the Catholic Church) 2.0 worldwide
Catholic Church in the Philippines 2.0 Philippines
Church of Scientology 2.0 United States

Who is the richest families in the world?

Top 10 Wealthiest Families in the World

  • Walton Family — Walmart. Estimated Wealth: $215 billion1. …
  • Mars Family — Mars. …
  • Koch Family — Koch Industries. …
  • Al Saud — Saudi Royal Family. …
  • Ambani Family — Reliance Industries. …
  • Dumas Family — Hermès. …
  • Wertheimer Family — Chanel. …
  • Johnson Family — Fidelity Investments.

Who are the billionaires in Kenya?


Rank in Kenya Name Net worth (USD)
1 Bhimji Depar Shah and family 0.7 Billion
2 Narendra Raval 0.4 Billion
3 Naushad Merali 0.37 Billion

Do charities pay tax in Kenya?

Individuals and corporations generally can deduct any cash donations from their income tax to a charitable organization that is registered or exempt from registration under the Societies Act or the NGO Act 1990 or the PBO Act; and the income of which is exempt from tax under the provisions of Para.

How is minimum tax calculated Kenya?

The rate of Minimum Tax is 1% of the gross turnover of the company.

Is church money taxed?

Churches and religious organizations are generally exempt from income tax and receive other favorable treatment under the tax law; however, certain income of a church or religious organization may be subject to tax, such as income from an unrelated business.

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