How many businesses are there in Kenya?

How many businesses are in Kenya?

How many small businesses are there in Kenya? The 2016 survey estimated that there were about 1.56 million MSMEs licensed by the 47 county governments, and 5.85 million unlicensed businesses, making for a total of 7.41 million micro, small and medium businesses.

How many SMEs are there in Kenya?

While there are about 7.41 million MSMEs in Kenya, only 1.56 million are licensed whereas 5.85 million are unlicensed. The high number of unlicensed SMEs is indicative that the time is ripe to create a conducive space for SMEs to be productive and profitable at local and regional levels.

Which is the richest company in Kenya?

Safaricom – Richest Company In Kenya

By the end of the fiscal year 2019, Safaricom made a net profit of 63.4 billion which was 14.7% profit from 2018 fiscal year.

What are the major industries in Kenya?

Major industries include agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing, energy, tourism and financial services. As of 2020, Kenya had the third largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, coming behind Nigeria and South Africa.

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What is SME in Kenya?

These small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), defined by the government of Kenya (GOK, 2005) as business that engage between 1-99 employees, cover a range of establishments in almost all sectors of the economy; they operate formally or informally, seasonally or year round and are located in a number of areas …

How do you check if a company is registered in Kenya?

Here is how to go about it.

  1. Search for E Citizen on Google and Log In using your credentials and then Click on to the Business Registration Service Link.
  2. Click on Make Application. …
  3. Use the Company Name or Company registration Number to Search in the Space Provided.

What is the percentage of SMEs in Kenya?

A recent National Economic Survey report by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) indicate that SMEs constitute 98 percent of all business in Kenya , create 30 percent of the jobs annually as well as contribute 3 percent of the GDP.

How do SMEs contribute to GDP?

Small to medium businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy, creating around 7 million jobs, contributing to 57% of Australia’s GDP and cementing our reputation as a nation of entrepreneurs. That’s why the Economics team is so dedicated to the Quarterly SME Business Survey.

What are the challenges faced by SMEs?

  • Cash Flow Issues. Money problems are often the ones that entrepreneurs are most afraid of, and for a good reason. …
  • Avoiding burnout. …
  • Finding and retaining customers. …
  • Relying too much on one customer. …
  • Growth v Quality. …
  • Motivating Employees. …
  • Too many overheads. …
  • Staying up to date.
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Which is the most educated tribe in Kenya?

Currently, the Kikuyu tribe tops the list; they are the most educated tribe in Kenya with over 130 professors and 5600 Ph.

Which is the best company to buy shares in Kenya?

Best shares to buy in Kenya – companies to look out for

  • Limuru tea.
  • Jubilee holdings.
  • Centum investment.
  • Kakuzi.
  • ARM cement.
  • Crown paints.
  • Equity Bank.
  • KCB Bank.


What is the largest company in Kenya?

Top Ten Biggest Companies in Kenya

  1. Safaricom Limited Company. Safaricom is the leading mobile network operator in Kenya. …
  2. East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) …
  3. Equity Bank. …
  4. Kenya Commercial Bank. …
  5. Co-operative Bank of Kenya. …
  6. Kenya Airways Limited. …
  7. British American Tobacco Kenya Limited. …
  8. Standard Chartered Kenya.


Who is the poorest man in Kenya?

Kang’ata is probably one of the modest politicians in Kenya. He has sometimes claimed that he lives simply, having made investments while working as a lawyer for the future support of his family. He has also been described as Kenya’s ‘poorest’ MP.

Is Kenya a poor or rich country?

Kenya is a lower-middle income economy. Although Kenya’s economy is the largest and most developed in eastern and central Africa, 36.1% (2015/2016) of its population lives below the international poverty line. This severe poverty is mainly caused by economic inequality, government corruption and health problems.

What Kenya is known for?

Kenya, country in East Africa famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves. Its Indian Ocean coast provided historically important ports by which goods from Arabian and Asian traders have entered the continent for many centuries.

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