How long does shipping from China to Nigeria take?

How many days will it take to ship my goods from China to Nigeria? The transit time for sea freight is around 45 days. For airfreight, the transit time is within 7 days. There are air freight companies in Lagos that handle shipments from China to Apapa, Lagos, every day of the week.

How long does it take to ship from China to Nigeria by sea?

Longest transit time from China to Nigeria

The slowest transit time to ship a container from China to Nigeria is the route Shanghai to Onne, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, with an estimated average transit time between 35 to 37 days of transit port to port.

How long does it take from China to Nigeria?

This air travel distance is equal to 6,164 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between China and Nigeria is 9,920 km= 6,164 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from China to Nigeria, It takes 11.01 hours to arrive.

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How long does it takes to ship from China?

How long does it take to ship from China to the US? Rules of thumbs for lead times are 1-2 weeks for regular post, 3 days for air express freight, 8-10 days for air freight, and 30-40 days for ocean freight.

How long does it take EMS to ship from China to Nigeria?

An EMS Nigeria parcel from China is often expected to take about 7 working days to arrive at its country of destination.

Which shipping company is the cheapest in Nigeria?

Most affordable courier services in Nigeria

  1. AB Logistics. This is the cheapest Nigerian company on our list, and it is eager to deliver your packages from door to door. …
  2. EMS SpeedPost. This company has been serving Nigerians since 1986. …
  3. GIG Logistics. …
  4. ABC Cargo. …
  5. UPS.


How much does DHL charge from China to Nigeria?

DHL Express Delivery From China to Nigeria

Purchase Qty. (Kilogram) FOB Unit Price
1-999 US $2.5
1,000+ US $8

Does DHL ship from China to Nigeria?

China to Nigeria via DHL

YOYBUY is proud to be in partnership with famous logistic brand DHL. … Use YOYBUY shipping rates calculator to estimate your international shipping charges from China to Nigeria by DHL.

How many hours is Nigeria to UK?

The total flight duration from Lagos, Nigeria to London, United Kingdom is 6 hours, 43 minutes.

How can I order goods from China to Nigeria?

Online Marketplaces are the other method you can use to order your product from China to Nigeria. These refer to secure and trusted sites on the internet that you can use to order your goods from China to Nigeria. There are a couple of sites. However, the common ones are Alibaba, AliExpress and DH gate.

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How do I track a package coming from China? is a pretty handy portal to track packages from China and it is translated in quite a few languages! It is very easy to use, you simply copy-past your tracking number on the homepage and click on “track” to find the progress of the shipping of your package.

Is customs holding packages from China?

us customs isn’t holding packages from china or any country for coronavirus reasons.

Why do shipments from China take so long?

What takes so long to get here from China are small parcels mailed under a program that allows certain depressed nations (of which China qualified for) at reduced rates that are often less than what you could mail a small package for domestically. However, that mail is not being loaded on the next available plane.

How long does EMS delivery take?

EMS packages do not have a guaranteed time of delivery. Normally, your package should arrive within a few days though. However, in some situations it can take up to one or two weeks until you receive your package. The package is delivered on working days during normal business hours from 8 am to 8 pm.

Does EMS ship to Nigeria?

EMS/Parcel Nigeria delivers EMS six days of the week reaching 186 million consumers and businesses across Nigeria. Customers can easily access EMS at 495 locations nationwide.

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