How long does it take to get a PSV badge in Kenya?

The licence can be received at NTSA Offices, Upperhill Nairobi. The cost of the licence is KES1050 and it takes 21 days to issue the document.

How do I get my PSV badge in Kenya?

Requirements or obtaining a conductor PSV licence include the flowing; One must be of 18 years and above, have a copy of national identity card.

Apply On-line :

  1. link to Sacco/ Institution/ Employer.
  2. Update licence photo.
  3. Physical address.
  4. P.O.Box address.
  5. Attach good conduct.
  6. Drivers licence number.
  7. Licence collection point.


How do I get a PSV license?

The documents needed for registration include:

  1. Original or copy of MyKad.
  2. Original or copy of Driving Licence (CDL)
  3. JPJL8A Form (Registration and Medical Form)
  4. JPJL2C Certificate (Training Certificate)
  5. JPJL12 Certificate (PSV Exam Certificate)
  6. 1 x colour photo (against a white background) with dimensions of 25 mm x 32 mm.

How much does a PSV Licence cost?

How much does the PSV Licence cost? You will firstly need to get your provisional (Cat D) PSV/PCV licence which is free but for this you will need to have passed your Group 4 medical which will cost around £80.

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What is PSV badge in DL?

The public service vehicle (PSV) badge has been mandatory for all drivers of public transport vehicles , which include DTC and cluster buses, autorickshaws, Grameen Sewa and chartered buses for years now.

How do I get a PSV badge online?

Visit the National Transport and Safety Authority Website NTSA and under the Quick links section click on th PSV licence applications. Create account with NTS by filling in your names and ID number.

How long does PSV badge take?

The cost of the licence is KES1050 and it takes 21 days to issue the document.

Can one apply PSV online?

NTSA psv application form is available online on the NTSA website and can be filled and submitted online.

Can you drive a 17 seater minibus on a normal Licence?

You may drive a category B licence minibus with up to 9 seats and weighing up to 3.5 tonnes and you can also drive a D1 minibus over 3.5 tonne and up to 17 seats.

Can I drive grab without my own car?

Please refer to the updated list from Grab website. If you don’t own any car, fret not. As long as your name is included in the ConNote of the car insurance. That will do.

How much is a PCV driving test?

A theory test costs £23 for cars, and the driving test costs £62. The full costs for lorries, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles are shown in the tables.

Who needs a PSV Licence?

You will need a PSV operator’s licence if your vehicle is designed or adapted to carry nine or more passengers and payment is taken for carrying passengers (this is called ‘hire or reward’).

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Can you drive a bus without a PSV?

You won’t need a PSV, but you will need to check the gross weight and your licence entitlement. If you don’t have any additional qualifications and passed your test after 1997 you can only drive up to 3.5tonnes gross weight – this equates to a standard Transit or similar.

What is badge for drivers?

A commercial vehicle’s driver is required to display a ‘badge’ issued by the Commissioner along with the name of the authority which has granted an authorisation to drive a public service vehicle, with an identification number.

Is a badge necessary?

In April, following a Supreme Court order, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued a circular, stating that transport licence (yellow badge) was not necessary to drive light motor vehicles, which include cars that weigh less than 7,500 kg. … Yellow badge not required…,” the message read.

What is PSV Licence?

The PSV licence was the standard licence required of both drivers and operators of Category D vehicles such as buses, coaches, and minibuses. … An operator is the company or non-profit organisation that legally owns the Category D vehicles in question and is responsible for their operation on public roads.

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