How long do onions take to grow in Uganda?

How to Harvest Onions in Uganda. Onions need around 4 months to mature. The last 3 weeks before harvesting the weather should be absolutely rain free.

What is the best month to plant onions?

Onions like cool weather in the early part of their growth, so plant them in spring — except in mild-winter areas, where onions are grown as a fall or winter crop. Generally speaking, onions grow tops in cool weather and form bulbs when the weather warms.

How much is a sack of onions in Uganda?

The sack of the bigger onions fetches between Shs150,000 and Shs200,000 and depending on the packing, where some bags are heavily packed, a trader will pay up to Shs330, 000. For some wholesale and retail buyers, it is logical to buy bigger onions over many smaller ones.

Is growing onions profitable in Uganda?

Most of the common onion varieties grown in Uganda have a lower yield compared to hybrids. … The high-yielding onion variety has potential to yield between 18 and 25 tonnes from an acre compared to open-pollinated varieties (OPV) such as Red Coach F1 and Red Creole which yield 7-10 tonnes in the same acreage.

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How long does onions take to grow?

Onions are cool-season crops that require 90 days or more to reach maturity. Because of this long growing season requirement and their preference for cooler weather, planting onion seeds directly into the garden in the spring makes it difficult for the bulbs to reach a good size before warm temperatures arrive.

What is the best fertilizer for onions?

Onions require a high source of nitrogen. A nitrogen-based fertilizer (ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate) should be applied at the rate of one cup per twenty feet of row. The first application should be about three weeks after planting and then continue with applications every 2 to 3 weeks.

How deep do you plant onions?

Onion varieties are available when purchasing plants. Select healthy green transplants and plant them 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep in rows 12 to 15 inches apart. To produce large, dry onions, place the plants 2 to 3 inches apart.

Do onions require a lot of water?

Onion plants require adequate water to produce high yields, but it doesn’t take much over watering for your onions to become diseased and rot in the ground. … In a typical 12 week growing season, we recommend irrigating with one inch of water once or twice a week depending on the amount of rainfall received.

How much is a kilo of onions in Uganda?

In Kalongo market in Kalongo town council, a kilogram of onions now goes for 6,500 Shillings up from 4,500 Shillings. Lucky Akello, one of the vendors in Kalongo market told Uganda Radio Network that there has been limited supply of onions over the past weeks.

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What is the current price of onions?

As per the current market rates, maximum price of Onion is 8000.00 INR/Quintal in Pattambi whereas the minimum rate is 100.00 INR/Quintal in Solapur across varieties. The average price is 1808.00 INR/Quintal across varieties.

How much can one earn from an acre of onions in Uganda?

According to research, an acre can give you 4000kgs and taking the lowest price of 4000, this will earn you 16,000,000UGX yet with less than 5000,000 UGX invested capital. The market for onions locally and internationally is ever available.

How many onions can be grown on one acre?

The seed rate of onion is 3 to 4 kg / acre. The farmer can expect a yield of 120 to 140 q/acre or 12 t to 14 t/ acre in 120 to 150 days after sowing. The average selling price of onion is Rs. 18 per kg as on 16.08.

What is the best way to dry onions?

Lay the bulbs on the soil surface, or on a wire rack for better ventilation, to dry in the sun for a further week. If the weather is wet dry them under cover instead, for instance in a well-ventilated greenhouse or tunnel. Always handle onions carefully to prevent bruising.

How many onions will one plant produce?

One onion grows from a single onion bulb.

This may come as a shock and make people feel hard done by but it’s the truth. Onions are not like potatoes but the smaller onion seeds (known as set’s.) produce a larger onion. Subscribe to our newsletter!

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Does garlic need full sun?

Garlic thrives in full sun in loose soil. Choose a well-drained garden bed that receives 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.

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