How do I start a plantain farm in Nigeria?

How profitable is plantain farming in Nigeria?

Is plantain cultivation really profitable? In the open market, a bunch of plantain costs about N750 to N2,000 if you are selling to the final consumers directly without processing it. On one acre of land you can plant 750 plantain suckers and you sell them at an average of N1,000 per bunch then you will makeN750,000.

How many plantain trees can you get per acre?

Plant density: For plantains use 1,000 to 1,200 plants per acre with planted distances of 6´x 6´ or 6´x 7´ for the mountainous zone, and 10´x 4´ for the coastal plains.

How many months does it take plantain to produce?

How Long Does it Take For a Plantain Tree to Make Fruit? Plantains are usually ready for harvest anywhere from 14 to 20 months depending on the climate and other factors. Flowering usually happens within 10-15 months, while an additional 4-8 months is needed for fruit it develop and ripen.

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How can I invest in plantain farming?

10 Steps to Start Plantain Farming

  1. Get a Farmland with a Good Soil. When planning to invest in plantain, the first step to take is to secure excellent agricultural land. …
  2. Land and Soil Preparation. …
  3. Buy Healthy Plantain Suckers. …
  4. Hire labourers. …
  5. Plant the Suckers. …
  6. Control the Weed. …
  7. Apply Fertilizers. …
  8. Harvest your Plantain.

How long does it take for plantain to grow in Nigeria?

Flowering takes 10-15 months of mild temperatures and yet another 4-8 months to fruit.

Is plantain a cash crop?

Plantain is easy to cultivate and maintain, unlike other cash crops that require so much time and money to maintain. Plantain farming is a low capital agricultural business and almost every Nigerian soil is good for plantain plantation as experience has shown.

What crop can be planted with plantain?

Soil: Plantain grows best in deep soil that is well drained and rich in organic matter. Fallow land can also be used, but the yield will depend on what was previously grown and the duration of the fallow. Plantain can be grown together with other types of compatible crops (cocoa, cocoyam) or as a single crop.

What is the best time to plant plantain?

It is better to plant the plantains in the time of rainy season. The plant should grow without stress and vigorously during the first 3 to 4 months after planting, so don’t plant it during the last months of the rainy season. Many farmers plant the plantain with the beginning of rains.

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How profitable is banana farming?

The 1-acre plantation yielded 400 quintals of bananas. While the cost of production was about Rs 1 lakh at the end of 14 months, the farmer earned a profit of over Rs 4 lakh, four times higher than his initial investment. He also started growing red bananas which are known to be rich in protein, fibre and low on sugar.

What type of fertilizer is good for plantain?

Fruit Tree Spray: This is 100 per cent organic, liquid and made up of chicken manure and/or sewage sludge. It contains a Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium ratio of 5-4-2 to enhance strong root development and more abundant fruit. It is probably the best fertilizer for plantain and relatively easy to use.

Can you eat plantain raw?

Ripe plantains are sweet like a banana, without the banana flavor. They can be eaten raw but are best when fried.

Is plantain a banana?

The term “plantain” refers to a type of banana with a very different flavor profile and culinary application than the sweet, yellow banana with which most people are familiar. … Plantains are usually larger and tougher than bananas, with much thicker skin. They may be green, yellow or very dark brown.

How do I start a plantain business?

To Start a Plantain Farming (Plantain Plantation) business:

  1. GET A LAND. The first step in starting a plantain farm is acquiring a farmland. …
  4. GET LABOR. …

What is the planting distance of plantain?

The recommended spacing for planting plantain is 3m between the plantain rows and 2 m within the row (in other words = 3 m x 2 m). An alternative is 2.5 m x 2.5 m. If spaced 3 m x 2 m, 1 hectare should contain 1667 plants, but with a spacing of 2.5 m x 2.5 m, it should contain 1600 plants.

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How many bunches does a plantain tree produce?

For field cultivation, medium plantains should be preferred to giant ones even though giant plantains produce heavier 12 bunches. Giant plantains take longer to produce and are more likely to be damaged by strong winds because of their size. Plants are grown through suckers.

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