How do I get a police report in Zambia?

How much is a police report in Zambia?

Police Clearance Certificate outside Zambia for Zambians is K795. 00, while non Zambians outside the country are required to pay K1194. 00. Zambians within Zambia is K168.

How do I get a police clearance in Zambia?


  1. You must obtain a set of fingerprints taken on a standard finger print form at any Police Station in the area of residence.
  2. Cost of Police Clearance Certificate – US$30.00 (International Money Order)
  3. Make the Money Order payable to: Inspector General of Police.

How long is police clearance valid?

In general, police clearance certificates can be used for six (6) months from issuance. Keep in mind that a police clearance certificate does not contain details pertaining to validity; it is only issued with a date stamp. However, different countries place different validities on such documents.

Why do we need police clearance certificate?

A: Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued to Indian Passport holders in case they have appped for Residential Status, Employment or Long term visa or for immigration. PCC cannot be issued for persons going abroad on Tourist Visa.

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How much is police clearance in Manila?

How much is the police clearance fee? Police clearance is PHP 150 plus PHP 10 transaction fee (for a total of PHP 160).

How do I get a police clearance certificate in South Africa?

The applicant must provide the following documents:

  1. A full set of his/her fingerprints on a SAPS 91(a) when living in South Africa. …
  2. An application form must be duly completed.
  3. A certified copy of the applicant’s identity document/passport.

What is the police number in Zambia?

Emergency & Important Numbers

Emergency 999
Police 991
Ambulance 991
Fire Brigade 993
National Telephone Operator 100

What is the PO Box of Zambia police?

Office of the Inspector General Zambia Police Service Headquarters Independence Avenue P.O Box 50103 Ridgeway Lusaka, Zambia.

What is a clearance report?

Clearance report means a report issued by a risk assessor, a lead-based paint inspector, or a dust sampling technician that finds that the area tested has passed a clearance examination, and that specifies the steps taken to ensure the absence of lead-based paint hazards, including confirmation that any encapsulation …

How can I check my police clearance status?


Can you apply for police clearance during lockdown?

Since offers a remote service for this, applying for your South African Police Clearance during lockdown isn’t only possible, but also hassle-free. To get the application process started, you must submit a full set of fingerprints and proof of your identity along with a completed application form.

How do I get a police clearance for my car?

Vehicle Verification can be done by visiting any Khidmat Markaz with necessary documents; original and 2 copy of CNIC, original and 1 copy of documents of vehicle, 1 copy of CNIC of vehicle owner, 1 copy of NOC if vehicle is on the name of bank, 1 copy of TP message and Handover Documents if vehicle is imported.

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Can I get PCC in one day?

In case your application has no errors and you have taken all the required documents to the passport office for review, you may be granted the PCC on the same day itself at the office. … In such cases time taken by the police and the passport office to grant a PCC may extend to even one month.

Can I get police clearance certificate from local police?

Steps to Get PCC Online from Local Station in India

Browse the link of local police station in the name of the state, such as Delhi, Kerala etc. Select Police Clearance Certificate from its services. Get registered with the email id. Receive & submit a verification code on the registered email id.

How can I apply for police clearance certificate?

Respected Sir/Madam, This is a kind request for a police clearance certificate to me for the job purpose. This will really help me in my job appointment at XYZ solutions Pvt Ltd. I don’t have any criminal background so please check your database and kindly issue me a clearance certificate.

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