How do I get a land rent clearance certificate in Kenya?

What is a land rent clearance certificate?

The rent clearance certificate

This applies to land that is held under a lease from the government, under which lease the proprietor is required to pay a certain amount of rent. The clearance is required to sell such land, or in order to use it as a security for a loan.

How do I get a land rate clearance certificate?

Land Rates Clearance Certificate

Visit the County Lands Department and proceed to the rates department. Furnish the clerical officer with proof of land ownership. The Nairobi City County Finance Act provides for Land Rates under Section 2.

How can I check land rent in Kenya?

Land Rent Payment

  1. Register by sending a sms with the word ‘lands’ to the number 21504. …
  2. After registration one is required to dial *512# in order to be able to access the service.
  3. Once you dial *512# you will receive a prompt asking you whether you want to proceed with the registration.

What is the difference between land rates and land rent?

Land rates are levies imposed on all parcels of land and payable to the county governments. … Land rent is levy imposed on leasehold parcels of land where the annual rent has been reserved at the time the grant is being issued and its payable to the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning.

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Who pays land rent in Kenya?

Kenya Revenue Authority and Ministry of Lands & Physical Planning notifies all leasehold owners about the obligation to pay land rent annually as require under Sect 28 of the Lands Act. KRA has observed that most leasehold owners only pay land rent on transfer or charge of their property.

What is a rates clearance certificate?

A Rates Clearance Certificate is a document obtained from the relevant municipality, in which they certify that the Seller does not owe any money in respect of their charges.

How long does a land search take in Kenya?

The land search at Lands office takes an average of 3 days. After the search one is issued with a stamped Certificate of Official search (form RL 27) showing the status of the land. Required documents.

How do I pay Nairobi rates?

Go to and follow the steps to check your outstanding rates. You can pay conveniently via MPESA or at any NBK Branch. Remember to pay all county services, including parking fees by dialing *235#, through or you can download Nairobi County Epayments App.

How much is land rates in Kiambu County?

The county government also introduced a new flat rate on agricultural land at Sh2,000 per acre for those with less than five acres of land. Large land owners will pay Sh800 per acre for area below 20 acres, in the new rates that have hit small land owners hard.

How do you pay land rates?

Land rates payment options

  1. County government cash office. This is the oldest payment option. It is used by most of the countries across the country. …
  2. Bank deposit it the other payment option you can use. With this option, you can make an interbank transfer or deposit directly to the county government banks account.
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Why is land so expensive in Kenya?

A valuer and real estate consultant in Nairobi, Peter Kimeu, says sub-division is causing land prices to rise. Land grabbing, speculative buying of land by the rich and fraudulent transactions in the Ministry of Lands— including trade in fake title deeds and double allocations— also make the city expensive.

How do I pay Nairobi land rates online?

Paying Land Rates in Kenya

  1. Open the browser and visit ecitizen then sign in or sign up to your registered account. …
  2. Then just enter your land title number, fill the online form and then submit it. …
  3. Once the payment has been confirmed then you will have the option of printing the results.
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