How can one lose citizenship by birth in Kenya?

Under the new Constitution, unlike the old, a citizen by birth can only lose that citizenship by a voluntary renunciation — not, for example, by taking citizenship of a foreign country. Citizens by registration — who applied to be Kenyan — may lose citizenship in a few situations.

Can citizenship by birth be revoked in Kenya?

Yesterday, lawyer Omar Abeid told the Sunday Standard that the Government has no powers to revoke citizenship of a person born in Kenya. “Citizenship by birth is a constitutional right that cannot be revoked; those who obtain it through registration are the only ones that can be pushed around,” he said.

How can one lose citizenship in Kenya?

How one may lose Kenyan citizenship

  1. The person acquired the citizenship by fraud, false representation or covering up of information.
  2. A person has, during any war in which Kenya was engaged, unlawfully traded or communicated with an enemy or knowingly assisted an enemy in that war.

When can a Kenyan citizen by birth lose his or her citizenship?

Yes under the constitution of Kenya 2010 a foundling below 8 years that was found in Kenya and thus acquired citizenship by birth under article 14(4). This citizenship can be lost under article 17(2).

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Can one lose citizenship by birth?

One is a Kenyan by birth if at the time of his/her birth either the mother or father was a Kenyan citizen. … Person who is a Kenya citizen by birth but ceased to be so on acquisition of other citizenship before the promulgation of the new constitution, such a person is entitled on application to regain Kenya citizenship.

Who is not allowed to have dual citizenship in Kenya?

(1) A person is not eligible for election or appointment to a State office unless the person is a citizen of Kenya. (2) A State officer or a member of the defence forces shall not hold dual citizenship.

Can a foreigner give birth in Kenya?

Nationality of a child born abroad to a Kenyan parent

The Kenyan constitution states that “a person is a citizen by birth if on the day of the person’s birth, whether or not the person is born in Kenya, either the mother or father of the person is a citizen” (Art. … They may, therefore, apply for a Kenyan passport.

Do Kenya allow dual citizenship?

Dual Citizenship. According to the Constitution of Kenya and the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011, the Dual Citizenship is permissible in Kenya. … An application to declare dual citizenship can be submitted concurrently with a passport application.

What is a person from Kenya called?

The Kenyan People

The majority of Kenyans belong to ‘Bantu’ tribes such as the Kikuyu, Luhya and Kamba. … The ‘Hamitic’ people include the Turkana, Rendille and Samburu. Around 13% of the population are of non-African descent, i.e. Indian, Arab and European.

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Who is eligible for dual citizenship?

A person in the United States may acquire dual citizenship in one of several ways, including: Being born in the United States to immigrant parents. Being born outside the United States to one parent who is a U.S. citizen, and another parent who is a citizen of another country.

How do you get citizenship by birth?

There are two general ways to obtain citizenship through U.S. citizen parents: at birth, and after birth but before the age of 18. Congress has enacted laws that determine how citizenship is conveyed by a U.S. citizen parent (or parents) to children born outside of the United States.

What are 3 ways a person can become a citizen?

In all, there are four fundamental ways to become a U.S. citizen: citizenship by birth in the U.S., citizenship through derivation, citizenship through acquisition, and citizenship through naturalization. Most immigrants in the United States become citizens through the naturalization process.

How one can lose citizenship?

Citizenship can be lost involuntarily through denaturalization, also known as deprivation or forfeiture. … Failure to renounce another citizenship after having committed to doing so in a naturalisation procedure. Severe legal breaches such as treason.

Who is entitled to citizenship by birth?

Citizenship by birth. 1) A person is a citizen by birth if on the day of the person’s birth, whether or not the person is born in Kenya, either the mother or father of the person is a citizen.

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