How can I invest in transportation business in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to start a transportation business in Nigeria?

Cost of Starting Interstate Transport business in Nigeria

The cost of a brand new Siena Wagon is within the range of 5 and 6 million Naira. Therefore, if you are going for a brand new car or bus then you should be looking at the range of the amount above.

How much does it cost to start a transportation business?

Startup cost also fluctuates based on the type of trucking company you want to start, including cargo you plan to haul, the operation you want to run, insurance coverage, and more. New trucking company owners can invest somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000 to start a small trucking company.

How can I start a transportation business in Nigeria?

How to start a successful transportation business in Nigeria

  1. Decide on the type of transportation business you want to carry out.
  2. Choose your location and the routes that are lucrative.
  3. Obtain your vehicle either through lease, hire purchase or an outright buy.
  4. Driving it yourself.
  5. Engaging a professional driver.
  6. Grow your transportation business.
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How do I start my own transportation company?

How to start a transportation business in 8 steps

  1. Step 1: Choose the type of transportation business to start. …
  2. Step 2: Choose a name and entity for your transportation business. …
  3. Step 3: Write a business plan. …
  4. Step 4: Register your transportation business and get an EIN. …
  5. Step 5: Get licenses and permits.

Is transport a good business?

It is indeed a risky business but the profit is high and regularly transport of goods can take place. There are few things to concentrate in this business such as a valid license, good driver, interstate transportation valid documents etc.

How do transport companies make money?

Here Are 7 Points On How To Make Your Transportation Business A Success

  1. Do Not Miss A Plan. A business plan is your road map of how you will proceed in the coming months and years in your market. …
  2. Find Out Investors. …
  3. Build your online profile. …
  4. Have An Attractive Brochure. …
  5. Promote Business On Different Social Channels.


What are the 5 types of transportation?

Five Major Modes of Transportation

  • Road transport.
  • Railway transport.
  • Water transport.
  • Air transport.
  • Pipeline transport.


What are the 4 types of transportation?

The different modes of transport are air, water, and land transport, which includes Rails or railways, road and off-road transport. Other modes also exist, including pipelines, cable transport, and space transport.

Who is the richest transport company in Nigeria?

Top 10 Richest Transport Companies in Nigeria Today

  • God is Good Motors (GIGM) God is Good Motors is a commercial transport company. …
  • ABC Motors. …
  • Chisco Transport Ltd. …
  • Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd. …
  • GUO Transport. …
  • Cross Country Limited. …
  • Ifesinachi Transport Limited. …
  • Peace Mass Transits.
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How can I start a transportation business with no money?

One method will work for some but not for others.

  1. Commercial Truck Loans. If you don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around waiting to be used, a loan may be your best financing option. …
  2. Consider Renting. …
  3. Lease to Own. …
  4. Buy Used. …
  5. Get a CDL. …
  6. Do Your Paperwork. …
  7. Secure Business Insurance.


How much is Hummer bus sold in Nigeria?

However, putting all variations of a model year under one umbrella, we have the following price ranges.

Price of Tokunbo Toyota HiAce in Nigeria.

Model Year Range
Tokunbo Toyota Hummer bus 2014 price N7 million – N14 million

How do transport companies get clients?

Contact shippers. To grow your list of clients, get in touch with businesses that do a lot of shipping, and pitch your services. While cold calling is tough work at the best of times, if you put in the effort and can provide the service, you will get clients. Look for public sector contracts.

Is a trucking business profitable?

The trucking business can be very profitable, but it is incredibly competitive. Many truckers try to get into the business every year and end up failing. This outcome usually happens to people who are great truckers but are not good business owners.

What business can I start with a pickup truck?

20+ Creative Ways To Make Money With Your Pick Up Truck

  • Start a landscaping business ($13.2M/year)
  • Start a food delivery business ($300K/year)
  • Start an item delivery service.
  • Start a towing service business.
  • Start a transport and logistics business.
  • Start a truck advertising business.
  • Start a garage sale business.
  • Start a haul building supplies business.
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