How can I check my Nigeria Custom Service Result?

To check your result, visit the Nigeria Customs service result portal at

How do I check my custom exam results?

The aptitude test held across the country will be published online on the Nigerian Customs Service official website. To check your result, visit the Nigerian Customs service result portal at

How do I login to Nigeria Custom Portal?

How to Log in to Nigeria Customs Service Portal

  1. Click on Start your application button to commence your application. …
  2. On successful registration, a confirmation message will be sent to the email you provided. …
  3. After successful confirmation, log in with the combination of your email and password.

Is Nigeria Custom result out?

Nigeria Customs Service Aptitude Test exam results is out on the official recruitment portal of Aptitude Test, find more information on how to access the list and check your name below. The Result List is now available for download.

Is Nigeria Custom form out 2020?

As at today being 4th June 2021, The Nigerian customs service recruitment form is not out. We are going to inform you immediately it’s out.

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Is NCS 2019 Shortlist out?

Nigeria Custom Service Recruitment Shortlist 2019 is finally out – NCS list of Shortlisted Candidates PDF. … More than 200,000 Nigerians applied for the job still awaits the release of the NCS recruitment list of shortlisted candidate 2019.

How can I check my customs duty online in Nigeria?

You can go to, find the Quick Search CET Tariff panel on the left and find the tariff that interests you. You can search the custom duty tariff database by CET code (if you know it) or by a keyword.

How long is custom training?

Training usually lasts around nine months, and may include some residential training courses.

What is Nigeria Custom salary?

Nigeria Custom Service Salary Structure

The average salary of Nigerian customs service workers – N900,000 annually (N75,000 monthly). 2). However, the Controller-General of Customs receives the highest salary, seconded by the Deputy Controller Generals and Assistant Controller Generals.

How can I join Nigeria Custom?

Requirements for Nigeria Customs Recruitment

  1. All applicants must be Nigerian citizens by birth.
  2. Applicants must have completed their O levels or higher education depending on the position they intend to apply for.
  3. Age must be between 18-35 years.
  4. If you have ever served a prison sentence, do not bother to apply.


How can I become a customs officer in Nigeria?

How To Become A Customs Officer In Nigeria

  1. Applicant must provide a certificate of origin signed by the Chairman of their Local Government.
  2. The height of a male applying must not be less than 1.7 metres , while the height of a female applying must not be less than 1.64 metres.
  3. A male applicant must have a fully expanded chest of not less than 0.87 metres.
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What are the requirement for Nigeria Custom recruitment?

Custom Recruitment Requirement

  • At least an O’ Level Result, such as WAEC, NECO, (furthermore, Bsc and other higher degree can be provided)
  • Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • 18 years of age and above.
  • Flat foot.
  • Should be a good citizen (furthermore must not have been found guilty of any criminal offence)
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