How big is the flower industry in Kenya?

The horticultural sector is Kenya’s third-largest foreign exchange earner. The flower industry directly employs 150,000 people and contributes 1 percent of the country’s GDP. According to the Kenya Flower Council, flower sales generated $960 million in 2019.

How many Kenyan people are employed in the flower industry?

It is estimated that in Kenya, over 500,000 people, including over 100,000 flower farm employees depend on the floriculture industry impacting over 2 million livelihoods.

How big is the flower industry?

It’s estimated the floral industry in the US is worth $5 billion. Based on the floral industry statistics from 2020, there are 31,663 floral businesses in the country, with an estimated 65,339 workers.

How much is the flower industry worth?

The worldwide market for Flower and Ornamental Plants (those that are grown for the primary purpose of being solid as cut flowers, houseplants and in landscape design) is expected to grow roughly 6.3% over the next five years, reaching $57.4 Billion USD in 2024, up from $42.4 Billion USD in 2019 (1)

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Who owns flower farms in Kenya?

As demand for Kenyan flowers has grown, so has Tambuzi, says the farm’s owner, Maggie Hobbs, who took on the business two decades ago.

Which country is famous for flowers?

Top Ten Flower Producing Countries

Rank Flower Producing Country Capital
1. Netherlands Amsterdam
2. America Washington, D.C.
3. Brazil Brasília
4. Sweden Stockholm

Which country produces the best roses?

If you are a big fan of the flower, one country that you must visit is Bulgaria, the land of roses. The country has been related to the plant for centuries and today it’s one of the biggest rose oil producers in the world.

What percent of florists are female?

The average employee age for florists is 49 years. The florist workforce reached a whopping 32,390 in 2020! Among florists, we discovered that 71.8% of them are women, while 24.0% are men. The most common race/ethnicity among florists is White, which makes up 81.0% of all florists.

What is the biggest day for the flower industry?

Valentine’s day is one of the biggest holidays for purchasing flowers. In 2019, 28% of Americans spent about $1.9 billion on flowers for Valentine’s day.

How many flowers are there in the world 2020?

There are many types of flower found in the world, according to new estimate is that there is about 400,000 flowering plant. But more than 600,000 plant names were removed due to discoveries of duplicate species upon further examination by phytologist.

Do florists make good money?

You can earn a salary — including taxes and benefits — worth 10% of annual sales of up to $500,000, Goodman tells NerdWallet. … But the majority of florists most likely bring in $200,000 or less in annual sales, Goodman says. That would add up to $20,000 in salary and a possible $20,000 profit.

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What age group buys the most flowers?

Young people front-runners in online purchasing

In 2016, young people (18-29 years old) bought 17% of the total purchases of flowers and plants. Compared with other age categories, they do that less often in a store or kiosk: 68%. This percentage is 80% among people in their 30s; from the age of 40, it rises above 90%.

Who is the biggest exporter of flowers?

Searchable List of Flower Bouquet Exporting Countries in 2019

Rank Exporter Flower Bouquet Exports (US$)
1. Netherlands $4,603,636,000
2. Colombia $1,404,347,000
3. Ecuador $879,779,000
4. Kenya $709,402,000

Which country is the largest producer of flowers?

The Netherlands is the largest flower producing country in the world with about 68% contribution of the annual flower production. The reason for ultimate popularity and beauty of Netherlands is the massive flower production there.

How many flower farms are there in Kenya?

The Kenya Flower Council and Producer Member

The Flower Growers in Kenya and members of The Kenya Flower Council involved in the production of flowers & ornamentals to date stands at 110 farms.

What is Kenya’s national flower?

The national flower of Kenya – Tropical Orchid is one of the populous varieties of Orchid family.

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