Frequent question: Who is the owner of Ghana Commercial Bank?

Name Title
Jude Kofi Arthur Chairman
John Arthur Chief Information Officer
Abudulai Osman Head-Compliance
Lydia Gyamera Essah Independent Non-Executive Director

Who is the owner of GCB bank?


Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
3 SCGN/Northern Trust Global Services Limited 6.79

Is GCB a government bank?

GCB Bank Ltd. started in 1953 as the Bank of the Gold Coast to provide banking services to the emerging nation for socio-economic development. … The Bank had been wholly government owned until 1996 when under the economic recovery programme part of the government ownership was divested.

Who is the CEO of Ghana Commercial Bank?

The Board of Directors of GCB Bank Limited (GCB) has appointed Mr. Anselm Ransford Adzetey Sowah, a seasoned banker and lawyer as the Managing Director of the Bank.

When was Ghana Commercial Bank established?


What does GCB mean?


Acronym Definition
GCB Guyana Cricket Board
GCB Gas Circuit Breaker
GCB Greatest Conceivable Being
GCB Generator Circuit Breaker
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Is Commercial Bank A private bank?

Private Banks are owned by private individuals and entities whereas commercial banks are the entities that include both private and public banks.

What is the new name for GCB?

GCB announces the change of their name from Ghana Commercial Bank Limited to GCB Bank Limited.

What is the interest rate of GCB bank?

GCB is currently the bank with the lowest base rate in the country. With a base rate of 22.75% down from 26.0% GCB is strengthening its market leadership in the country’s banking industry where some banks have their base rates as high as 27% and 29%.

What is the meaning of GCB in Ghana?

Shareholders at the 19th Annual General Meeting of the Ghana Commercial Bank Limited (GCB) endorsed a proposal by the Board of Directors of the Bank for a change of the Bank’s corporate name.

What is the interest rate on Treasury bills in Ghana?

Ghana: Markets

Reference Last
Money Market Rate Mar 2021 13.58
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) Mar 2021 12.61
Lending Rate May 2017 22.5
Average Long-term Government Bond Mar 2016 24.75

How many commercial banks are there in Ghana?

Overview of Banks in Ghana. Ghana’s banking and finance industry consists of 28 private banks. The Bank of Ghana serves as the country’s central monetary authority. Founded in 1957, the Ghanaian central bank regulates financial institutions and banks in Ghana.

What is GCB Bank tagline?

“With GCB’s slogan being your Bank for life our Bank is prepared to see customers through their life development”.

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