Frequent question: Where can I register my business name in Uganda?

How do I register a business name in Uganda?

Registering a Business Name

  1. Conduct a Search(using the business Registration form) and establish if the name you register is available for use;
  2. Pay the Registration fees;
  3. You will receive a certificate of registration of a business name.

How much does it cost to register a business name in Uganda?


Service Details Costs (Ugx. & Us$)
Registration Registration Fees 24,000/=
Change of particulars 10,000/=
Search 2,000/=
Filing Fees 1,000/= per copy

Where can I register my business in Uganda?

you need to start by Registering your company in Uganda at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and obtain certified copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and a Certificate of Incorporation.

How do I reserve a company name online in Uganda?

To reserve the name for a company:

  1. Obtain application form from the Uganda Registration Service Bureau or download it through this link: Business registration Form(select Reservation of Name.)
  2. Fill in the application from and submit it to the assessment window at the Uganda Service Registration Bureau (USRB)
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How do I register a small business in Uganda?

A. How to register a local business

  1. Search for the business name. …
  2. Reserve the Business Name. …
  3. Obtain Certificate of Incorporation. …
  4. Obtain an Investment License. …
  5. Obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) …
  6. Obtain a Trading License. …
  7. Register with National Social Security Fund (NSSF) …
  8. Make a Company Seal.

What is the difference between registering a business name and a company?

A Business name is a registration of a trade name for purposes of business whereas a Company of the incorporation of a separate legal entity to conduct business.

How long does it take to get a business name?

The time that your business’ application will take to process is predicated on the business structure you will be using. The entire process of gaining a registered status for your business can vary, spanning from one day to over six months.

What are the requirements for business registration?

Register your business in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

  • DTI Certificate of Registration.
  • Barangay Business Clearance.
  • Mayor’s Permit.
  • Certificate of Lease (if the place is rented) or Certificate of Land Title (if owned)
  • Government-issued identification (Passport, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc.

How much does it cost to have a business name?

In California, the cost of registering a business name depends on the form you file and where you file it. And filing fees are always subject to change. You can reserve a business name for $10 with the SOS, for example. But it costs $70 to file articles of organization for an LLC.

What is the fees for company registration?

The registration fee for organization’s whose nominal share capital is limited to Rs. 10,00,000 – Rs 2,000. The registration fee for organization’s whose nominal share capital ranges between Rs 10,00,000 to Rs 50,00,000 – Rs 2000.

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How much does it cost to register an NGO in Uganda?

Under the regulations – the Non-Governmental Organizations Regulations (2017) (“NGO Registration Regulations”) – the registration application for a local NGO requires a fee of 100,000 Ugandan Shillings (approximately $28), while the application of a foreign company requires a fee of 520,000 Ugandan shillings ( …

How do I register a sole proprietorship in Uganda?

Registering a business name in Uganda

  1. Paying registration fees at the given bank (around RHX 100,000 + RHX 2,500 bank charges)
  2. Registering at the Uganda Revenue Authority’s local office where you gain a Tax Identification Number(TIN), or registering online via URA E-Service‍


How do I reserve a company name?

Process to reserve company name

  1. Login to MCA portal. The name application can be filed only by a registered user of MCA. …
  2. Documentation. It is not mandatory to attach any document along with the application to reserve company name. …
  3. Filing of web-based application. …
  4. Payment of government fees. …
  5. Approval or resubmission of name.


How do I reserve a name?

How to Reserve a Business Name. Once you have settled on a name for your California LLC or corporation, you can reserve the name by submitting a Name Reservation Request. This form can be mailed to the Secretary of State or delivered in-person. There is a $10 filing fee for all Name Reservation Requests.

How long does name reservation take?

The Name Reservation application takes 2-3 working days. However, If there is a delay from CIPC due to excessive workload, the process could take longer.

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