Frequent question: What is the meaning of KEDU in Igbo?

Kedu ka ọdị Fine, thank you/ I’m fine.

What does KEDU mean?

Kedu: “How are you?” ( Singular)

What is the response to KEDU?


Term How are you? Definition Kedu / Kedu k’mere
Term General Greeting Definition Ndeewo (response: Ndweedo)
Term Have you woken up (to a new day) Definition I buola chi/I saala chi
Term Yes Definition Ee or Eeya
Term Good Morning Definition ututo oma

What is the meaning of odogwu in Igbo?

Odogwu is an Igbo name for boys meaning Victor; leader.

How do you greet good morning in Igbo?

Igbo is one of the major languages spoken in Nigeria. Have a wonderful morning and a great week ahead.

What an Igbo man wants in a woman?

Igbo men love women that have oyel in their head. They love a wife that can help the children with their assignments. Completing your good looks with an intelligent head makes you a treasure in his eyes. Women that knows how to pamper their husbands.

What is the response to Daalu?

Lesson Vocabulary

Mhm or oo Thanks too
Daalu Thanks
Ka emesia Good bye
kedu/ndewo Hello
Ndeewo Thanks, you too
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What is the difference between Yoruba and Igbo?

While many Igbo members are primarily Christian, specifically Roman Catholic, most Yoruba people are followers of Christianity and Islam, almost equally. Some Yoruba people also adhere to traditional tribal religious beliefs.

What does Daalu mean in Igbo?

According to a user from Nigeria, the name Daalu is of Igbo origin and means “It is a short form of saying Thank you. The full name is Chukwudaalu. Meaning God thank you or thank you my God”.

What does Igbo mean?


Acronym Definition
IGBO International Gay Bowlers’ Organization

What does ogbuefi mean?

According to a user from Nigeria, the name Ogbuefi is of Nigerian origin and means “This is an ancient traditional title given to a person wealthy enough to slaughter cattle (cow/boar) to entertain guests.

Who is odogwu in Nigeria?

Violet Obiamaka Odogwu-Nwajei (born May 15, 1942) is a former Nigerian track and field athlete. She is a former president of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria and a Vice-President of the Confederation of African Athletics.

Violet Odogwu.

Personal information
Country Nigeria
Sport Track and Field

How do you greet in Igbo culture?

Another popular Igbo greetings is ndewo,many people use it as a good day, welcome, good afternoon or good evening. The normal reply to ndewo is oga diri gị meaning whatever you wished (whether good day, welcome, good afternoon or good evening) be with you as well.

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