Frequent question: How many districts are in Uganda western?

District Bundibugyo
Population (Census 1991) 92,311
Population (Census 2002) 158,909
Population (Census 2014) 224,387
Chief town Bundibugyo

How many districts are in the western region of Uganda?

Nets will be distributed in all 58 districts in the Western and Eastern Regions, representing about half of the country, to achieve universal coverage (all sleeping spaces covered) across a population of some 23 million people.

Which is the richest district in western Uganda?

Wakiso District was ranked top, ahead of Kampala District, as the “richest” district based on GDP per capita despite Kampala District having a higher GDP. This is because Kampala has a higher population than Wakiso, which brings down its average income (GDP per capita).

How many districts are in south western Uganda?

South western regional office was operationalized in the Financial Year 2011/2012 with 20 districts which have over time grown to 30 districts as outlined ; Mbarara, Rwampara, Isingiro, Kiruhura, Kazo, Lyantonde, Ibanda, Kamwengye, Kitagwenda, Kyegegwa, Kabarole, Kyenjojo, Ntoroko, Bundibugyo, Sheema, Bushenyi, Mitooma …

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Which tribes are in western Uganda?

The Bantu, by far the largest in number, came from the west and include the tribes of Buganda, Banyankole, Basoga, Bakiga, Batoro, Banyoro, Banyarwanda, Bagisu, Bagwere and Bakonjo.

Is common in western Uganda?

The regions of Uganda are known as Central, Western, Eastern, and Northern. These four regions are in turn divided into districts. … The Central region had 54 percent of the urban population (mostly in the city of Kampala), the Northern region 17 percent, the Western region 14 percent, and the Eastern region 13 percent.

How many tribes are in western Uganda today?

Uganda has 54 tribes and about 9 indigenous communities that formally came to recognition.

Which is the poorest tribe in Uganda?

Soroti is named as having one of the highest concentration of people living under the poverty line in east Uganda, with a poverty density of 53%.

What is the poorest place in Uganda?

Figure 4: Eastern region is now the poorest region, as poverty increases in all regions apart from northern Uganda (1992/93–2016/17) Source: Development Initiatives based on data from Uganda Bureau of Statistics. Notes: Poverty rates are based on the national poverty line.

Who is the richest person in Tororo district?

Richest People in Tororo, UG

  • King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. $18 Billion. …
  • Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. $18 Billion. …
  • David & Simon Reuben. $18 Billion. …
  • Roman Abramovich. $18 Billion. …
  • Lakshmi Mittal. $18 Billion. …
  • Serge Dassault. $17.3 Billion. …
  • Thomas Peterffy. $17 Billion. …
  • Anne Cox Chambers.
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What is the biggest district in Uganda?

Uganda – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Kampala , Central Region 1,353,189
2 Gulu , Northern Region 146,858
3 Lira , Northern Region 119,323
4 Mbarara , Western Region 97,500

What is the most populated district in Uganda?

Wakiso is now Uganda’s most densely-populated district, with two million people, followed by Kampala with 1.5 million. Kibaale district, though predominately rural, came third, with a total of 788,714 people.

How many districts make up Kampala City?

As of July 2020, Uganda is divided into 135 districts and the capital city of Kampala, which are grouped into four administrative regions.

Districts of Uganda.

Map District pop.
82 Buikwe 422,771
84 Bukomansimbi 151,413
86 Butambala 100,840
87 Buvuma 89,890

Is Banyarwanda the biggest tribe in Uganda?

Banyarwanda could be Uganda’s biggest tribe and we better learn to live with it. … A study done at Independence in 1962 found that a fifth (20 per cent) of people in Buddu county (now called Greater Masaka area) of Buganda kingdom were ethnic Banyarwanda.

Which tribe in Uganda eats the first born?

Someone ‘discovered’ that my husband-to-be was a Muganda from Uganda and that they eat people and mice. There were so many stories of the weird things the Baganda do, among them that every first born of every woman is eaten in a tribal ritual…” the speech read in part.

What are the four main ethnic groups in Uganda?

There are four ethnic groups in Uganda. Ethnic groups in Uganda include the Bantu, the Nilotics, the Nilo Hamites and the Hamites. The largest ethnic group in Uganda is the Bantu with the Baganda taking up a high percentage of the Bantu group.

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