Does Zambia have coal?

Zambia holds 50 million tons (MMst) of proven coal reserves as of 2016, ranking 64th in the world and accounting for about 0% of the world’s total coal reserves of 1,139,471 million tons (MMst). Zambia has proven reserves equivalent to 270.0 times its annual consumption.

Where is coal mined in Zambia?

Description: The Collum Coal Mine is located in Zambia’s Southern Province in the district of Sinazongwe and has been in existence since around 2000. The company operating the mine is privately-owned and Chinese, run essentially by five brothers of the Xu family from China’s Jiangxi Province.

What is coal used for in Zambia?

The 2008 National Energy Policy (NEP) of Zambia seems to provide legitimacy to the increased use of coal for electricity generation, as it aims to increase the contribution of coal as an energy resource and supports the use of coal for electricity generation.

Which country has the most coal?

Coal Reserves by Country

# Country World Share
1 United States 22.3%
2 Russia 15.5%
3 Australia 14.0%
4 China 13.1%

What resources does Zambia have?

Zambia’s natural resources include uranium, silver, cobalt, copper, coal, lead, silver, zinc, emeralds, and gold.

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How much electricity does Zambia produce?


Zambia has 2,800 MW of installed electricity generation capacity, of which 85% is hydro based. National access to electricity averages at 31% with 67% of the urban and 4% of the rural population having access to power.

Does Zambia have oil?

Zambia does not produce oil, but the government says soil samples sent to European laboratories have shown good traces of crude. … “We are exploring over a large area that includes Northern and Luapula provinces,” Cloke said, referring to regions in the north of Zambia.

Who has the cleanest coal in the world?

Anthracite is found on the east coast in the US, South Africa, Australia, Western Canada, China and Russia. Two-thirds of Russia’s coal reserves are anthracite. Because of its efficiency and thus less carbon and sulphur usage per watt of power, anthracite is also the ‘cleanest’ coal in the world.

Who has the best coal in the world?


Rank Country Total
1 United States 24%
2 Russia 15%
3 Australia 14%

Who is the biggest exporter of coal?

This number is only beat by the world’s largest coal exporter, Indonesia, which was responsible for the export of more than 450 million tons that year. Other major exporters are Russia, the U.S., South Africa and Colombia.

Is Zambia rich in natural resources?

In addition to copper, several other minerals are mined in the state including cobalt, gold, manganese, iron, emeralds and a variety of other gemstones, industrial minerals, as well as energy minerals such as uranium, coal, and hydrocarbons (Zambia Development Agency, 2015b).

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Is Zambia resource rich?

Zambia, located in the north of Southern Africa and home to fewer than 18 million people, has built its development model on the abundance of natural, mainly mineral, resources. The country ranks as Africa’s second and the world’s tenth largest copper producer.

What is Zambia known for?

10 cool facts about Zambia

  • The termite hills are the size of a house. …
  • Zambia is a completely landlocked country. …
  • The traditional name for Victoria Falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya. …
  • Victoria Falls is double the height of Niagara Falls. …
  • Zambia relies on copper as one of its biggest exports. …
  • It’s home to the Big Five of wildlife.


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