Does naira left the show?

The channel released a new video on Friday in which Shivangi Joshi can be seen recalling her happy memories as Naira and announcing that she is leaving the character but not the hearts of her fans.

Why is Naira leaving the show?

Shivangi Joshi quits the show because of her character

Naira’s character will be sidetracked and she will make her exit from the show, as she wants to explore more in her career .

Is Naira really going to die in Yrkkh?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Shocking Twist: Naira is NOT Dying, She’s Alive – Spoiler Alert. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is undergoing a major twist in its storyline. The makers have decided to end the character-line of Naira, who’s most loved by the fans.

Is shivangi Joshi leave the show Yrkkh?

As opposed to what the rumours are suggesting and putting Naira’s fans in a fix, Shivangi Joshi is not quitting the show. The actor confirmed the same in her latest interview and mentioned that it’s just the end of Naira, not of her association with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

What happens to naira in Yrkkh?

Here’s what happened to Naira in YRKKH

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The show underwent a major plot twist when earlier this year, in January, Naira was shown to fall off a clip by saving Kartik’s life. She was also presumed to have passed away after the fall.

Who will replace naira in Yrkkh?

YRKKH: Dramatic U-Turn with Vedika to replace Naira in Kartik life.

Is Hina Khan pregnant?

I’ve just lost my dad so have some sensitivity towards ur baseless reports.. I am not pregnant, thank you very much,” Khan tweeted while responding to the report on Twitter. … Gauahar had shared a picture from her pre-wedding festivity with her father and hubby on Women’s Day 2021.

Will Naira come back in Yrkkh 2021?

However, if you are wondering if Naira is Back in Kartik’s life, then that is not the case. In the upcoming episodes, Kartik and Sirat’s wedding preparations are going on but Kartik is missing Naira.

Is Kartik and Naira married in real life?

Fondly called by the name Kaira (Kartik+Naira), the couple is one of the most famous pairs of the small screen. Well, Mohsin and Shivangi’s jodi has done wonders onscreen but everyone knows that they are a couple in real life too. The duo started dating a few years ago and are going strong ever since.

Is seerat naira in Yrkkh?

As per the latest episode, Seerat is Naira. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai airs on Star Plus.

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