Does MMM exist in Nigeria?

Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM), the Russian-founded Ponzi scheme which wrecked the lives of so many Nigerians in 2017 is back in business. … The Ponzi scheme has repackaged itself and is now known as MMM Cooperation.

How long did Mmm last in Nigeria?

In 2016, as Nigeria slid into an economic recession MMM, a popular ponzi scheme used a peer-to-peer lending system to scam over three million people. The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) estimated that around ₦18 billion ($49.3 million) was lost when MMM shut down in December 2016.

Is MMM still existing?

The scheme, known as Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM), now labelled itself MMM Cooperation, saying it returned to continue the legacy of its founder, late Sergey Mavrodi. “Like sunrise in the morning, MMM Cooperation set the pace on the 22nd of January 2019 all over the world.

How long did Mmm last?

However, the success didn’t last for long. Eventually, the company was shut down in 1994 and it declared bankruptcy in 1997. Unfortunately, everything didn’t end here. After 14 years, the company reopened as “MMM Global.” Here’s where the story of MMM and Nigeria started.

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Is MMM South Africa still active?

After countries like South Africa and Nigeria attempted to shut them down in 2016, MMM paused their operations, only to return at the beginning of 2017 with a new marketing focus: Bitcoin. Today MMM offers bonuses and higher interest rates for contributions made in the cryptocurrency.

Unarguably, Ponzi schemes operate without the license and authorization of the CBN and are thus, illegal. Ponzi schemes have also been recognized by the Nigerian Court as illegitimate and fraudulent thus in the case of Mekwunye v. Lotus Capital Ltd.

Is MMM back in Nigeria 2020?


What year did MMM crash?

MMM (Ponzi scheme company)

Native name Акционерное общество «МММ»
Defunct 2004
Fate Shut down by Russian police in 1994, declared bankruptcy in 1997, reopened in 2011 as MMM Global
Headquarters Russia
Key people Sergei Mavrodi

What does MMM stand for?


Acronym Definition
MMM Multi Media Movie
MMM Marketing Mix Modeling (statistical analysis)
MMM Million Marijuana March (aka Global Marijuana March)
MMM Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (annual conference)

When did MMM started Nigeria?

According to MMM itself, it is a “social financial network of people providing help and getting help from each other”. Members are supposed to receive 30% back on their investment in just 30 days. It launched in Nigeria in November 2015 and according to its founders, has three million members.

What happened to MMM owner?

The charge of which he was later convicted was tax fraud though he claimed that the MMM scheme was not a business, but instead a mutual donation program against which there is no law.

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Sergei Mavrodi
Born 11 August 1955 Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Died 26 March 2018 (aged 62) Moscow, Russia
Nationality Russian

How does MMM Nigeria work?

MMM is just an organized platform of people networked (matched) to help each other. … When you register on MMM and refer people to it, even if you are not investing, you earn 10% of the amount the person invest. So register now and see how the system works.

Who brought MMM to Nigeria?

MMM Global (also known as МММ-2011 / МММ-2012) is a Ponzi scheme launched in 2011 by Sergei Mavrodi, with subsidiaries in up to 110 countries; it became widely popular in various African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ghana with some attributing this popularity to poverty and poor government …

When did MMM collapse in South Africa?

Just one of their subsidiaries owed 50 billion rubles, and the main company owed about 100 billion rubles. The company declared bankruptcy in 1997 as the scheme collapsed, resulting in at least 50 suicides by people who lost their fortunes.

How do I register for MMM Nigeria?

How To Register And Start Earning Money, Follow The Steps Below

  1. Click here to Register at the website.
  2. On The Registration page Enter your Personal information called (Office).
  3. You will see two big buttons. …
  4. If you want to contribute money, click “Provide help” and specify the amount you want to put into the system.
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