Does Kenya have rivers?

The country is also one of the 11 countries sharing the waters of the Nile River. Kenya’s extensive highlands provide catchment areas for the country’s abundant rivers. The country’s rivers are of great ecological value to the rich flora and fauna they support along their course.

How many rivers are in Kenya?

The Rivers highlighted here are the major rivers in Kenya many of which have multiple arteries around the 47 Counties sustaining human, animal and plant livelihoods in the country.

Nile is the World’s longest River
The River Nile in Egypt
Length 6,695 kilometers (4,180 miles)
Source elevation 1,134 meters (3,721 feet)

How many rivers are in Nairobi?

The Nairobi River Basin comprises three main rivers namely; Ngong, Nairobi and Mathare. The rivers join east of Nairobi and meet River Athi, eventually flowing into the Tana River that flows into the Indian Ocean.

Which is the widest river in Kenya?

The 1000 km long Tana River is the largest in Kenya and is well known for its extraordinary biodiversity.

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Who owns rivers in Kenya?

The mall is owned by Two Rivers Lifestyle Company Limited, which has two shareholders namely: Two Rivers Development Limited and OMP Africa Investment Company. Each of these shareholders holds a 50 per cent stake in the mall.

Which is the deepest river in Kenya?

If you think that is amazing, wait for the next one; cutting across the nation is another major resource, the world deepest river; The Congo River. The river, which is also known as Zaire River, has its deepest point at approximately 220 meters (720 feet).

Which is the fastest river in Kenya?

This rapid descent of 1100m in altitude over a relatively short distance of 30km has given Gura river the title of fastest river in Kenya and one of the fastest on the continent.

What are the rivers called in Kenya?

Longest Rivers In Kenya

Rank Longest Rivers in Kenya Total Length
3 Ewaso Ng’iro 435 miles
4 Dawa 280 miles (shared with Ethiopia and Somalia)
5 Mara 245 miles (shared with Tanzania)
6 Athi-Galana-Sabaki 242 miles

Does Mombasa have a river?

Freshwater habitats

The Tana River flows through extensive wetlands and its estuary has one of the best mangrove stands in Kenya (Kairo, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Mombasa, pers. comm.). On its upper course the river flows northwards, then curves south just below the equator.

Which river passes through Nairobi National Park?

Mbagathi River flows past Rongai and goes on to form the Southern boundary of the Nairobi National Park. Ngong Hills is a major catchment area and as such, many streams flow down from the Hills through Karen and further downstream into the National Park.

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Where is the largest water source in Kenya?

Merti aquifer: Kenya’s largest water source faced with resistance.

What is the main river in Kenya?

1000 km long Tana River is the longest river in Kenya, and gives its name to the Tana River County. Its catchment covers ca. 100,000 km² and can be divided into the headwaters and the lower Tana consisting of the section downstream of Kora where the river flows for ca.

Which is the longest river in East Africa?

Aerial View, Zambezi. The Zambezi is the fourth-longest river in Africa but the longest east-flowing river in Africa. It also boasts of being the largest flowing River into the Indian Ocean from Africa. The area of its basin is 1,390,000 square kilometres, slightly less than half of the Nile’s.

Who is the owner of 2 Rivers?

The two rivers mall is owned by the Kenyan billionare. christopher Kirubi, popularly known as Chris Kirubi in the country. He is the sole largest Shareholder of the company and hence he claims the ownership.

How many acres is Two Rivers Mall?

Two Rivers Mall General Information

The property is spread over a total area of 102 acres and comprises of 200 retail stores, 67,000 square meter of office space, a 370-room hotel and 100 residential apartments and offers visitors with three-level retail center parking.

Does the Nile River flow through Kenya?

In addition to Egypt, the Nile runs through or along the border of 10 other African countries, namely, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

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