Does Cameroon have mpesa?

Mobile Money ( has launched a mobile payment plarform in Cameroon that will allow mobile phone customers to transfer money and pay bills. These outlets have an electronic payment terminal that communicates in real time with a central server. …

Which countries use mPesa?


Operating area Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Afghanistan, Lesotho, DRC, Ghana, Mozambique, Egypt
Members Vodafone, Safaricom
Founded 2007
Owner Vodafone

How can I send money to Cameroon?

If you want to send money to a bank account in Cameroon, we recommend using a specialist currency provider. If you’re transferring under $200 or equivalent, your best options include WorldRemit or Azimo. If you’re sending more than $200, we recommend WorldRemit or Azimo.

How do I send money abroad using mPesa?

How can one access this service?

  1. By dialling *840# >Accept terms and conditions to Opt in > Select send money abroad.
  2. MySafaricom App > Select M-PESA> Select M-PESA Global>Accept terms and conditions to Opt in > Select Send.

How many countries use Safaricom?

Safaricom, Western Union launch M-Pesa global in over 200 countries.

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How much do mpesa agents earn?

We have 2 Mpesa Agent commission tables.

2021 Mpesa Agent Commissions For Withdrawals.

Transaction Bands Commissions (Registered Customers) Commissions (Unregistered Customers)
5,001-7,500 30 30
7,501-10,000 35 35
10,001-15,000 45 45
15,001-20,000 60 60

Who really invented mpesa?


Which is the best app for money transfer?

Compare the Best Money Transfer Apps

App Operating System
PayPal Best Overall iOS and Android
WorldRemit Best for International Transfers iOS and Android
Cash App Best for Low Fees iOS and Android
Venmo Best for Shared Bills Apple iOS 10.0 or Android Lollipop (API 21) or higher devices

Does Paypal work in Cameroon?

Paypal Cameroon Available Now. Paypal has finally arrived Cameroon, Nigeria and some other African Countries, excluding Ghana. It is useful for Cameroonians who want to do online Payments. Internet users in Cameroon have been wishing for this expected move from Paypal some years ago.

Is WorldRemit available in Cameroon?

Other large remittance sending countries to Cameroon include the UK, Germany and France. WorldRemit’s new partnership with Express Exchange will allow customers living in over 50 countries to send money home instantly to 300 new cash pickup locations across Cameroon, from Douala to Yaoundé and Tibati to Ebolowa.

How much does it cost to send 10000 via mpesa?

Transfer to Unregistered Users

Min(KSHs.) Max(KSHs.) M-PESA Charges
3,501 5,000 135
5,001 7,500 166
7,501 10,000 205
10,001 15,000 265

Can you use mpesa in Dubai?

Kenya’s money transfer service M-pesa is now in the UAE courtesy to a partnership between Xpress Money and M-pesa that will also rope in residents in the UK for a safe, fast and inexpensive platform of sending money.

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Is there mpesa in UK?

Kenyans can now receive money from friends and family in the United Kingdom directly on their M-pesa accounts. This makes Safaricom the first company to offer a mobile based international money transfer service, whereby registered M-pesa customers can receive remittances directly onto their mobile phones.

Do Safaricom lines expire?

“Expiry” occurs when your account has been inactive for one hundred and twenty (120) days after the end of the validity period of your last Re-charge. The validity period may vary depending on the value of the Re-charge voucher.

Which country owns Safaricom?

Safaricom PLC is a listed Kenyan mobile network operator headquartered at Safaricom House in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, and one of the most profitable companies in the East and Central Africa region.

How much is Safaricom shares today?


Previous Close 42.00
Today’s High 41.80
Today’s Low 40.00
52 Week High 43.45
52 Week Low 25.95
Across the Sahara