Do we have Luos in Uganda?

Those in Uganda include the Alur, Acholi, Kumam, Lango and Padhola. The ones in Kenya and Tanzania are the Joluo (also called Luo in Kenyan English). The Joluo and their language Dholuo are also known as the “Luo proper”, even though their dialect has more Bantu loan words than the rest.

How many Luos are in Uganda?

The Luo population in Uganda was estimated at 994,373, in which 746,796 according to (1991 census) were Luo acholi, that are found in North central Acholi district, and 12,089 speakers of Chopi, (1972 Ladeoged et al,).

Where do they speak dholuo?

The Dholuo dialect (pronounced [d̪ólúô]) or Nilotic Kavirondo, is a dialect of the Luo group of Nilotic languages, spoken by about 4.2 million Luo people of Kenya and Tanzania, who occupy parts of the eastern shore of Lake Victoria and areas to the south.

Where did LUOS migrate from?

From northern Uganda, the Luo ancestors travelled along the western flanks of Mount Elgon, passed through Mbale and Tororo and eventually settled for some time in Budama. They moved and settled in Busoga for some generations before they arrived in western Kenya.

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What countries speak Luo?

The dozen Luo, Lwo or Lwoian languages are spoken by the Luo peoples in an area ranging from southern Sudan to southern Kenya, with Dholuo extending into northern Tanzania and Alur into the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Luo languages.

Glottolog luob1235

Which is the poorest tribe in Uganda?

Soroti is named as having one of the highest concentration of people living under the poverty line in east Uganda, with a poverty density of 53%.

Which is the biggest tribe in Uganda?

Baganda is the largest tribe in Uganda.

What is I love you in Luo?

i cito kwe. I love you. I LOVE YOU….AMOLLO III TRANSLATION. i miss you. i saw.

How do you say hello in Luo?

A collection of useful phrases in Dholuo (Luo), a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania.

Useful phrases in Dholuo.

Phrase Dholuo
Hello (General greeting) Misawa (frm) Misawa ahinya (reply) Ber (inf) Ber ahinya (reply)
Hello (on phone)

How do you say I miss you in Luo?

Here is the translation and the Chinese Traditional word for I will miss you: 我會想你的 [wǒ huì xiǎng nǐ de] Edit.

Are Langi Luo?

Langi speak a Western Nilotic (Luo) language like their northern Acholi and Alur neighbours, but share many cultural characteristics with their Ateker (Eastern Nilotic) neighbours to the east. … Through prolonged interaction with the Acholi, Langi lost Ateker language and took up Luo spoken by their Acholi neighbours.

How old is Luo tribe?

They inhabited the area on the banks of Lake Victoria. According to the Joluo, a warrior chief named Ramogi Ajwang led them into present-day Kenya about 500 years ago. As in Uganda, some non-Luo people in Kenya have adopted Luo languages.

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It is clear that some of the names from the Luo community are the same as those of their Igbo brothers. Sometimes the similarities are so outstanding that even their meanings are the same in both tribes. … Both communities share names like Okeke, Okoye, Okore, Okeno, Oneya, Amadi, Anayo, Akomo and many other such names.

What is the Luo tribe known for?

The Luo are the fourth largest ethnic group in Kenya. They speak ‘Dholuo’ which is part of the Nilotic language group. Known as ‘Ramogi’s descendants,’ the Luo community are in particular known for their musical skills and instruments.

Is Luo Bantu?

Luo, also called Joluo or Kavirondo, people living among several Bantu-speaking peoples in the flat country near Lake Victoria in western Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Who are the Luo in Uganda?

The Luo are part of the river-Lake Nilotics and they are related to the Nuer and the Dinka of Sudan. They are said to have originated from Rumbek in southern Sudan. During the 15th century, they were faced with many calamities which forced them to move away in search of new areas for settlement.

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