Can you get a ferry from UK to Morocco? currently feature 12 Ferries to Morocco, with 8 Ferry Companies sailing from 8 ports with a choice of up to 4 Ferry destinations in Morocco.

How long is the ferry from England to Morocco?

Ferries to Morocco can vary between 1 hour, to 8 hours, to 26 hours, to 57 and a half hours, so be sure to check before you travel to see what your expected sail time will be.

How do you get to Morocco by boat?

Getting to Morocco by boat

The main ports are Tangier ( and Nador in Morocco proper, and the Spanish-held ports of Ceuta ( and Melilla. Several lines from Europe serve these ports.

How do you get from London to Morocco?

If you planning to go to Morocco you can travel from London using a Eurolines coach to Paris, it is a direct overnight connection and then an another Eurolines coach from Paris to Marrakech, Taza, Casablanca, Fes, Kenitra, Mekens, Rabat or Tangier.

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How do I take my car to Morocco from UK?

Driving to Morocco from the UK or EU is pretty straightforward.

You need the following documentation;

  1. Passport.
  2. Vehicle registration document. …
  3. Import document you will receive at the port. …
  4. Vehicle green card or proof of insurance purchased in Morocco (third party insurance is the legal minimum). …
  5. Driving License.

Can I travel to Morocco by car?

Morocco is a perfect destination for a road trip and travelling independently. Despite what many people think, you do not need a specialised vehicle. Sure there’s lots of off-road routes you can take, but most of the country in accessible without a 4×4. Just stick to the roads.

How long does it take to drive from UK to Morocco?

The total driving time is 33 hours, 3 minutes. Your trip begins in London, United Kingdom. It ends in Morocco.

What language is spoken in Morocco?


Is Morocco safe for Americans?

In truth, Morocco is a safe place to visit. There’s only really small crime there (scams and pickpockets) and you’re unlikely to be assaulted or seriously hurt as a tourist in the country. Morocco is super safe for tourists now. … However, if you follow a few rules, you can leave Morocco unscathed and without incidence.

Is there a ferry from Portugal to Morocco?

there are no ferries from Portugal, but from Spain: … Algeciras – Tanger, Tarifa – Tanger, Algeciras – Ceuta, Malaga – Melilla, Almeria – Melilla/Nador.

How much is a ticket from London to Morocco?

What is the cheapest flight to Morocco from London? The cheapest ticket to Morocco from London found in the last 72 hours was £19 one-way, and £35 round-trip. The most popular route is from London to Marrakech, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was £19.

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Which UK airports fly direct to Morocco?

Royal Air Maroc flies direct from both Gatwick and London Heathrow (LHR) to Casablanca. Essaouira is served by an easyJet route from Luton, and Air Arabia Maroc flies direct to Tangiers from Gatwick. Other options include Dublin to Agadir with Aer Lingus, Gatwick to Agadir with easyJet and Stansted to Fes with Ryanair.

Is there any flights from UK to Morocco?

Are there direct flights to Morocco? There are direct flights on airlines such as easyJet, Tui Airways and British Airways to Rabat, Marrakesh and Agadir from UK airports, and Royal Air Maroc operates direct flights to Casablanca from Manchester and London Heathrow.

What part of Spain is close to Morocco?

The tiny Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla sit on the northern shores of Morocco’s Mediterranean coast. Together they form the European Union’s only land borders with Africa.

Can you drive from London to Morocco?

Getting to Morocco – Morocco by car and boat

Driving times are generally 30 hours (non stop) from London to Marrakech.

Is it safe to drive from Casablanca to Marrakech?

The main roads connecting the major cities (like the Autoroute connecting Casablanca to Marrakech) is a modern and well-maintained expressway, and is safe to travel at night. The traffic on the toll roads also tends to be very quiet at night time.

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