Can I work in Nigeria without NYSC?

You don’t need an NYSC discharge certificate for any of this. But if you want to work in any Federal or State establishment you must show either your discharge certificate or certificate of exemption by reason of age, etc. You can’t also work with the banks, manufacturing concerns or in the oil and gas industries.

Is it compulsory to do NYSC?

NYSC is compulsory in the sense that the graduates of the country can’t request for exemption by themselves, unless they are disabled, have served in the military or paramilitary for a period of more than one year or have exceeded the age of 30 years when they graduated just like in the above explanation.

How do I become exempt from NYSC?


Visit the office and obtain an application for a National Youth Services Corps Exemption Letter from the relevant department. Complete the application form with appropriate information under relevant sections. Attest it with your signature once completed.

Can I get a job with NYSC exemption letter?

Government, NGO, and International Companies: To work with a government, most positions (if not all) require HND/BSC holders to possess NYSC discharged certificate. In such cases, they also (except stated otherwise) accept both the exemption and exclusion letters being equivalent to discharged certificates.

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What is the maximum age for NYSC service in Nigeria?

So 30 years is the age limit for National Youth Service program. However, the NYSC exemption should not be taken as a bad omen since Certificate of exemption is equivalent to discharge certificate.

Can I defer my NYSC?

Yes, you can defer your NYSC even if you’re being mobilized It’s very possible to defer. In order to achieve this, you just won’t go camping for the batch you’re mobilized with a particular batch.

Can I serve Nysc twice?

In Nigeria, it is an offence to serve in the National Youth Service Corps Programme more than one time. 4,000 fine or both. See Section 13(b) of the National Youth Service Corps Act.

How much is NYSC registration?

How Much is NYSC Registration Fee? NYSC online form is free of charge but you will have to pay for your Call-up number. NYSC call-up number cost is just for two thousand, five hundred naira(2,500), while the cyber cafe charges vary from 1,000 – 1500 naira.

Is NYSC 2020 call up letter out?

Search no more as the call up letter for Batch A prospective NYSC is out for printing. This is to inform all the 2020 Batch ‘A’ prospective corps members that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has opened the portal for printing of call up letters for stream 2.

Do Open University go for NYSC?

The University released a statement where it affirmed that students of NOUN can now enroll and be part of the NYSC program.

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How does NYSC certificate look like?

The NYSC certificate is a unique and bold written number at the top-right corner of each NYSC certificate just below the year in which the certificate holder has served. The certificate number is different from call-up number as it starts with A00 and follows with a 7 digit number.

How do I apply for NYSC?

Here are the things you need to do to have a hitch free NYSC.

  1. Make sure your school’s Senate/Academic board sent your name to the NYSC office. …
  2. Get to the NYSC portal and register. …
  3. Uploading documents (for foreign students) …
  4. Verification of documents (for foreign students) …
  5. About Married People. …
  6. Medical students. …
  7. Magic fingers.


What do I need for NYSC registration?

First Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate (Second Degree or Ph. D not necessary). c. Complete Official Transcript of the first Degree or HND.

Requirements For Registration/Mobilization Of Graduates


Which state pays highest in NYSC?

10 Best States For NYSC and How Much They Pay Corpers

  • Enugu State. …
  • Niger state. …
  • Rivers State. …
  • Ogun State. …
  • Akwa Ibom State (Akwa Ibom ayaya) …
  • Kano State. …
  • Anambra State. Anambra is ranked second on this list mainly because it is one of NYSC’s highest paying state. …
  • Lagos state. Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and thus, staying in Lagos isn’t cheap.

What is the meaning of Otondo?

Otondo. Definition: Usually used to refer to youth corpers especially the fresh ones still in camp. Could also refer to a sluggish person.

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How many batches are in NYSC?

We are going to paste the timetable here immediately it is out NYSC Batches And Streams From the commencement of the one-year service program, graduates are divided into three batches, which are: Batch A, Batch B and Batch C.

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