Can I transfer naira to my domiciliary account?

You can either make a cash deposit or funds transfer into your Domiciliary account. Also, you may be unable to transfer from your Naira account to your Domiciliary account.

Can I deposit naira to my domiciliary account?

You can use a domiciliary account to transfer money to another country or receive foreign currency from another country. Having a Domiciliary Account lets you have accounts in currencies other than the Naira. You can pay into these accounts through cash deposits, traveler’s cheques or foreign currency cheque deposits.

How can I fund my GTBank domiciliary account?

Available in US Dollar, Pounds or Euro, you can fund your account via traveler’s cheques, foreign currency cheque lodgments and cash inflows and deposits. You can also make withdrawals from any GTBank branch. 24/7 Banking services via our various e-channels. Cash withdrawals in foreign currency from any GTBank branch.

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Can I withdraw dollar from my domiciliary account in Nigeria?

Make foreign currency transactions conveniently from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world with your GTBank Domiciliary Account. Available in US Dollar, Pounds or Euro, you can fund your account via cash inflows and deposits. You can also make withdrawals from any GTBank branch.

Which bank has the best domiciliary account in Nigeria?

The Best Domiciliary Bank to Open in Nigeria Includes:

  • Uba Bank Account. …
  • First Bank Account. …
  • Stanbic Ibtc Bank Account. …
  • Access Bank Account. …
  • Union Bank Account. …
  • Polaris Bank Account. …
  • FCMB Bank Account. …
  • The Requirements you need to Open a Domiciliary Account in Nigeria.


How can I send money to my domiciliary account in Nigeria?

To start sending money to Nigeria online

Companies like Western Union and MoneyGram offer the option of cash pickups from thousands of agent locations across Nigeria. From Payoneer, you can transfer directly into your local bank account or your domiciliary account.

How long does it take to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria?

On average, it takes 48-72 hours to activate a domiciliary account. But as soon as your account is active, you can start receiving and withdrawing foreign currencies like the US dollar. If you are a Nigerian living in the US and need to send money home, you can send USD money transfers fee-free with MAJORITY!

How much does it cost to open a domiciliary account in GTB?

Guaranty Trust Bank Domiciliary Account Charges & Monthly Limitations. Opening an account is free but you need to fund the account to activate it. If you do not perform any transaction with it for 6 months, it will become dormant. Withdrawal Limit of $1000 Monthly.

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How much is a dollar to naira in GTBank?

Latest US Dollar to Naira GTBank exchange rate is ₦ 440 as of 02/06/2021 at location Online.

GTBank Naira Exchange Rates.

Currency Rate Date
USD ₦ 440 02/06/2021
GBP ₦ 637 31/05/2021
CAD ₦ 366 03/05/2021
EUR ₦ 510 01/05/2021

Can I buy dollar from CBN?

Can an individual walk into CBN and buy Foreign Currency? NO,the present policy does not allow individuals to walk into CBN and buy foreign currency. The CBN only sells Foreign currency to Banks and Bureaux de Change.

How do I withdraw money from my domiciliary account?

Writing a cheque to withdraw from your account is quite easy. Just indicate the amount the you want and your usual signature. You can cash the cheque over the counter or pay into another domiciliary account and you will be paid in the foreign currency.

How long does it take for money to reflect in domiciliary account?

Payments through wire transfer from the United States could take two or three working days to reflect in your dollar domiciliary account, starting from the day the money was sent.

Can I receive money from abroad in my bank account?

You can receive money from overseas directly into your bank account, using an international money transfer service. You’ll need to provide your bank details so the sender can set up an online account with the international money transfer provider and exchange the money into your desired currency.

What I need to open a domiciliary account?

The following documents are required to open an Domiciliary account:

  1. Means of address verification.
  2. 2 references.
  3. 2 Passport photographs.
  4. Valid ID of each signatory.
  5. Residence Permit (Foreigners)
  6. Forms CO7 and CO2 as applicable for companies.
  7. Certificate of Incorporation / Business Registration for companies.
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Can I open a dollar account in Nigeria?

How to open a US dollar bank account in Nigeria. Most major banks in Nigeria offer US dollar accounts and have simple, user-friendly account policies. … A copy of your ID (driver’s license, International passport, National I.D Card, or any other acceptable ID by the bank)

Does domiciliary account give interest?

It offers highly reduced transfer charges and attractive interest rates. … This foreign currency deposit account offers attractive interest rates and highly reduced transfer charges.

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