Can I bring food into Mauritius?

Foodstuffs need the clearance from the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security and in some cases a certificate is required from authorities of the importing country. … Foodstuffs from Rodrigues can be imported/exported without clearance from the Agricultural authorities.

What do I have to declare at customs Mauritius?

On arrival to Mauritius, passengers on international flights must declare the following items to customs: goods that may be prohibited or restricted, such as weapons, agricultural products, articles, wildlife products, pharmaceutical products or illicit drugs ( import restrictions )

Can you take alcohol into Mauritius?

Mauritius duty free

The following goods may be imported into Mauritius by travellers aged 18 and over without incurring customs duty: 250g of tobacco products. 1L of spirits and 2L of wine, ale or beer, or 2L of spirits if no wine, ale or beer.

How many cigarettes can I bring into Mauritius?

200 cigarettes OR 50 cigars OR 250g tobacco. Goods up to value of €1,500, weighing no more than 50kg. 200 cigarettes OR 100 cigarillos OR 50 cigars OR 250g tobacco. 1L spirits (over 22%) OR 2L fortified wine or spirits (up to 22%) OR 4L wine OR 16L beer.

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Is Mauritius a duty free country?

Mauritius enjoys duty-free access for its goods in European Union and Africa through its trade agreements. … The Mauritius Freeport is a dutyfree logistics, distribution and marketing hub for the Eastern and Southern African region.

What not to take to Mauritius?

So, we have compiled a list of things not do in Mauritius on your exotic vacation:

  • Don’t Hike Without A Guide.
  • Don’t Trust Google Maps Blindly.
  • Don’t Spend The Whole Day At Beaches.
  • Don’t Take Late Night Bus Trips.
  • Be Wary Of The Taxi Drivers.
  • Don’t Trust Factory Shops.
  • Avoid Using Public Washrooms.
  • Be Careful Of What You Eat.


How much cash can I take into Mauritius?

Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Mauritian Rupee – MUR) and foreign currencies: amounts exceeding MUR 500,000. – or equivalent in foreign currencies must be declared.

Who gets duty free in Mauritius?

Mauritius citizens over 18, who are travelling to an international destination, are eligible for Duty Free and must have a valid passport, and valid ticket for travel by air or sea to a foreign airport or port.

What can you buy in duty free in Mauritius?

Travellers must be 18 years or above to be eligible for alcohol and tobacco allowances. The above allowance shall be applicable as from 13 November 2020 and will be valid up to 31 December 2021.

Allowances – Personal Effects.

Passport Holder Age Value (not exceeding)
Mauritian / Foreign Less than 12 years Rs 10,000

What is the main source of income in Mauritius?

The economy of Mauritius is a mixed developing economy based on agriculture, exports, financial services, and tourism. Since the 1980s, the government of Mauritius has sought to diversify the country’s economy beyond its dependence on just agriculture, particularly sugar production.

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What can I bring from Mauritius?

Here is a list of the Best Souvenirs that you must shop for while you are in Mauritius:

  • Rum. Whether you know it or not but Mauritius rum is taking over the world with its ever-so appealing variants such as dark, spiced and light. …
  • Phoenix Beer. …
  • Dodo Souvenirs. …
  • Coloured Earth. …
  • Tea. …
  • Ravanne. …
  • Sugar. …
  • Mauritian Napolitaine.

Is it expensive to live in Mauritius?

On average, the cost of living in Mauritius is about 28% cheaper than in the United Kingdom. At the same time Mauritius is more expensive than Thailand or Bali. Many products are imported and this makes the cost of living in Mauritius higher if compared to South Africa or other countries in the Indian Ocean.

How safe is Mauritius for tourists?

On the whole, Mauritius has a very low crime rate. What little crime there is tends to be petty theft and non-violent. Downtown Port Louis and central tourist areas understandably do have a slightly higher crime rate, but in general it is very safe to travel to.

Is Mauritius still a tax haven?

Advantages of Mauritius as a Tax Haven

Mauritius has one of the lowest tax platforms in the world. Both corporate and individual income taxes are at 15%. Offshore businesses located in Mauritius that do not do business with Mauritians nor use Mauritian currency are exempt from Mauritian taxes.

Why Mauritius is a tax haven?

India is a signatory to a bilateral tax avoidance agreement with Mauritius. Such intergovernmental deals are typically meant to spur investment by ensuring that businesses from either country can operate in each other’s jurisdictions without being taxed twice on the same income.

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What brands are made in Mauritius?

In short, Mauritius is working to reestablish itself as an apparel sourcing power, and companies are taking notice—brands like Zara, Adidas, Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Mango are just some already producing there.

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