Best answer: Who was the first missionary in Kenya?

The first missionary who arrived in Kenya under CMS was German native Johann Ludwig Kraph.

When did the first missionary arrived in Kenya?

In 1844 the first two missionaries had arrived at Mombasa, Dr Johann Ludwig Krapf and his wife Rosina. She had given birth to a daughter a few weeks after their arrival, and had died shortly afterwards of puerperal fever. The baby died a few days later.

Who started the first mission school in Kenya?

In kenya schools were introduced by Christian missionaries, who came to spread Christianity in eastern Africa. The missionaries came from Europe. The first mission school was built at Rabai near Mombasa by a German missionary John Ludwig Krapf, in 1946.

Who was first missionary?

The Apostle Paul was the first missionary to travel to spread the Gospel.

Who was the first missionary to East Africa?

Johann Ludwig Krapf (11 January 1810 – 26 November 1881) was a German missionary in East Africa, as well as an explorer, linguist, and traveler. Krapf played an important role in exploring East Africa with Johannes Rebmann.

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Johann Ludwig Krapf
Died 26 November 1881 Korntal, Germany
Occupation Christian Missionary

When did Christianity enter Kenya?

There are a variety of branches of Christianity observed in the country. Christianity was introduced to Kenya when missionaries settled near Mombasa in 1844. In the early 20th century, many Kikuyu left the mission churches and schools to start their own, free from the control of missionaries.

When did the Bible arrive in Kenya?

How did Christianity come to Kenya? The first Christians to visit East Africa were Vasco da Gama and his crew, including Roman Catholic missionaries, in 1498.

Which were the first schools in Kenya?

The earliest schools in Kenya

  • School at Rabai near Mombasa – established 1846.
  • The Prince of Wales now Nairobi School established 1902.
  • Friends School Kaimosi, now Kaimosi Friends Primary School, established in 1903.
  • Kangaru schools, established in 1947.
  • Maseno School, established in 1906.

Where was the first school in Kenya started?

The CMS missionaries interacted with locals in the coastal town of Mombasa and set up one of the earliest mission schools in the country at Rabai in 1846. Before independence elementary education was based on the colonial system of education.

Who built rabai MPYA?

Rabai, also called Rabai Mpya (New Rabai), is a historic location and Sub-County in Kilifi County, Kenya about 12 miles northwest of the city of Mombasa.


Rabai Mpya
Founded by Johann Ludwig Krapf
Population (2019)
• Total 120,813

Who was the first woman missionary in the Bible?

The early Christian texts refer to various women activists in the early church. One such woman was St. Priscilla, a Jewish missionary from Rome, who may have helped found the Christian community at Corinth. She traveled as a missionary with her husband and St Paul, and tutored the Jewish intellectual Apollos.

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Who is the famous missionary in the world?

St. Francis Xavier is considered one of the greatest Roman Catholic missionaries of modern times and was one of the first seven members of the Society of Jesus.

Which is the oldest church?

The “church” (Greek ekklēsía, assembly) is traced to Pentecost and the beginning of the Christian mission in the first century and was not used in reference to a building.


hideBuilding St. Peter’s Basilica
Location Vatican City
Country Vatican City State
Oldest Part 333
Denomination Roman Catholic

Who tried to draw East Africa map?

Jakob Erhardt

Johann Jakob Erhardt
Died 14 August 1901 (aged 78) Stuttgart, Kingdom of Württemberg
Nationality German
Occupation Missionary
Known for Map of East African lakes

Who were the first two missionaries?

Early Christian missionaries

  • Alopen – first missionary to China (Nestorian)
  • Apollos.
  • Augustine of Canterbury – missionary to England.
  • Saint Barnabas.
  • Saint Boniface – influential in the conversion of German peoples.
  • Brieuc.
  • Columba – early missionary to Scotland.
  • David of Basra – early missionary to India.

Who were the first European explorers to East Africa?

Johannes Rebmann, (born Jan. 16, 1820, Gerlingen, Württemberg—died Oct. 4, 1876, Korntal, near Stuttgart), German missionary and explorer, the first European to penetrate Africa from its Indian Ocean coast. Rebmann and his associate, Johann Ludwig Krapf, also were the discoverers of Kilimanjaro and Mt.

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