Best answer: Who owns Standard Media Group Kenya?

Who is the owner of Standard Media Group in Kenya?

The Standard (Kenya)

Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner(s) The Standard Group
Founder(s) A.M. Jeevanjee
Founded 1902 (as African Standard)

Who owns Standard news?

In 2017, Media General was acquired by Nexstar Broadcasting Group for $4.6 billion. On May 16, 2019, Standard Media announced plans to purchase two ABC-affiliated television stations from Citadel Communications for $83 million.

Standard Media.

Type Private
Area served United States (Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast)

Who owns Nairobi news?

Nation Media Group

Nation Center, headquarters of the Nation Media Group
Industry Media
Founded 1959
Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya
Products Newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations

When was the Standard newspaper established in Kenya?

The Standard, previously called East African Standard, English-language daily newspaper published in Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in Mombasa in 1902 as a weekly, the African Standard, by A.M. Jeevanjee, an Indian merchant.

Who owns the Standard Group?

S.N.G Holdings Limited

Who owns NTV in Kenya?

NTV (Kenyan TV channel)

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Owner Nation Media Group
Launched 4 April 2005
Former names Nation TV

Why are newspapers called standard?

A ‘standard’ is a flag or banner used to mark a rallying point, especially in battle, or to serve as an emblem. Standard has many senses in English, but the applicable one here refers to a flag—originally, one bearing heraldic devices (as may be carried by a standard-bearer).

Who is standard news?

Standard News is a multi-platform news and media company striving to provide you with the most trustworthy information available. Our reporters are constantly asking questions, digging for answers and looking at the bigger, overarching picture behind a headline-worthy story.

Who is the head of Radio Maisha?

Head of Radio Maisha Tom Jappani and Programmes Controller Lynda Oriaso could be tapped to lead Standard Group’s new urban radio station, Spice FM.

Who is the richest person in Kenya?


Rank in Kenya Name Sources of wealth
1 Uhuru Kenyatta and family Diversified: (Brookside, NCBA, Land holdings among other businesses)
2 Chris Kirubi Diversified: (Real estate holdings, Capital FM, Centum among other businesses)
3 Naushad Merali Diversified: (Sameer Group, Airtel Kenya)

Which is the most romantic tribe in Kenya?

7 Most Romantic Tribes Every Kenya Woman should consider to Marry

  • Luo. Men from this tribe know the meaning of spoiling a woman they spend all they have including salary,imcome and all asserts they have just to make a woman happy. …
  • Mijikenda. …
  • Kambas. …
  • Taita’s. …
  • Maasais’s. …
  • Kisii men.

Which tribe is good in bed in Kenya?

Maasai men are ranked the best in regards to bedroom energy. Their strength, energy and masculinity makes them perform exemplary, beating all other men in the country.

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What was the first newspaper to be published in Kenya?

Without any journalistic training, but with more money than he could ever use in his lifetime, Jeevanjee decided to start a newspaper, The African Standard, in Mombasa as a weekly broadsheet which first was published in November 15, 1902 with Englishman W.H. Tiller as the reporter, sub-editor, proofreader, editor, …

How do you write a standard newspaper?

Standard digital audience

You can get started by emailing us your content (text or photos) to: You can also submit a video/vlog to +254 785 876070.

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