Best answer: Where is Emeka Morocco Maduka from?

Who be Emeka Morocco Maduka. Emeka Morocco Maduka dey popularly known as King of Ekpili music and dem born am for Ukwulu, Anambra state.

Where is Morocco Maduka from?

Chief Emeka Morocco Maduka also known as King of Ekpili is a popular highlife musician. He was born in 1947 in Ukwulu, Anambra State.

Morocco Maduka Profile.

Name Morocco Maduka
State of Origin Anambra State
Occupation Highlife Musician
Tribe Igbo
Net Worth Unknown

Is Emeka Morocco Maduka still alive?

The oldest Igbo performing musician alive and Ekpili music crooner, Chief Emeka Morocco Maduka, has been confirmed dead. Chief Emeka Morocco Maduka died Thursday afternoon, October 29, 2020. He was aged 73.

What killed Emeka Morocco Maduka?

Facts have emerged on how Igbo music legend, Chief Emeka Morocco Maduka, passed on after a protracted illness in Awka, Anambra State. P.M. EXPRESS reports that Chief Maduka, who was the king of Ekpili music, was confirmed dead on Thursday afternoon, October 29, 2020.

Who is king of highlife in Nigeria?

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, often referred to as just Osadebe, was a Nigerian highlife musician from Atani. His career spanned over four decades, and he is one of the best known Igbo highlife musicians and king of highlife music.

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Did maduka die in Morocco?

Chief Emeka Morocco Maduka, wey be top Nigerian highlife musician don die. Morocco Maduka die on Thursday 29 October, 2020 one of im close padi confam to BBC..

How old is the Kingdom of Morocco?


Kingdom of Morocco المملكة المغربية (Arabic) ⵜⴰⴳⵍⴷⵉⵜ ⵏ ⵍⵎⵖⵔⵉⴱ (Standard Moroccan Tamazight) Royaume du Maroc (French)
• Protectorate established 30 March 1912
• Independence 7 April 1956
• Total 710,850 km2 (274,460 sq mi) or 446,550 km2 (39th or 57th)

How old is Oliver Coque?

61 years (1947–2008)

Who is the best highlife singer in Nigeria?

Top 10 Afro (Juju) and Highlife Musicians in Nigeria

  • Fela without clothes during one of his performances.
  • Fela Kuti.
  • King Sunny Ade.
  • Chief Osita Osadebe.
  • Dan Maraya.
  • A Trademark Kuntigi used by Dan Maraya.
  • Sir Victor Uwaifo.
  • Fatai Rolling Dollar.


Who is the most famous Nigerian musician?

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, also known as Wizkid, started singing when he was only 11 years old. Now he is perhaps, the most famous Nigerian musicians. One of his hits that brought him popularity is the Halla at ur boy song released in 2010. Moreover, Wizkid is well-recognized and has received the Grammy awards.

Is Wizboyy a Igbo?

My name is Isioma Ofuasia a.k.a. Wizboyy. I’m from Umunende in Delta State. I’m a graduate of Statistics from the University of Nigeria. Wizboyy is a fast rising, multitalented Nigerian Gospel/Highlife singer, producer, choral director, instrumentalist and label executive.

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