Best answer: How much is infinix Hot 5 battery in Ghana?

How much is infinix Hot 5 battery?

Infinix battery replacement price from Carlcare service.

Infinix Battery model Infinix battery replacement price (Naira)-including original battery and repair cost
HOT 5 4100
HOT 4 or HOT 4 Pro 3600
HOT 3 3300
NOTE 8 6000

How much is an infinix battery?

Usually, the cost of your phone’s battery depends on the brand and model.

How to Check the Infinix/TECNO/Itel Battery Replacement Price in Ghana.

Phone model for Infinix, TECNO and itel Battery replacement price-including repair cost (GH₵)
NOTE 5 55
NOTE 6 79
NOTE 7/NOTE 7 Lite 70
Infinix S2(X522) 36

How much is infinix hot 5 in slot today?

Infinix Nigeria has launched the Hot 5 for NGN 37,500 and the Hot 5 Lite at NGN 32,000. The device will be available online at Jumia and offline at all Slot outlets nationwide.

How much is infinix Hot 5 screen in Ghana?

Official Infinix screen replacement price in Ghana

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Infinix phone model Official Infinix screen replacement price-including labor cost(GH₵)
Infinix HOT 7 PRO 221
Infinix HOT 5 99
Infinix NOTE 7 271
Infinix NOTE 7 Lite 237

How do I know if my infinix Hot 5 battery is original?

How to Know if your Infinix smartphone and battery are original. All you have to do is to fill in your the IMEI and VC number of your Infinix smartphone in box provided in the platform. The IMEI of your Infinix phones are usually written on the phone’s but you can alternatively get the IMEI by dialing *#06#.

How many GB RAM is infinix Hot 5?


Memory Card slot microSDHC
Internal 16GB 2GB RAM

Is infinix Hot 5 inbuilt battery?

Original Infinix Hot 5 (X559) In-built Battery BL-39EX.

How can I make my infinix Hot 5 battery last longer?

5 Tips To Make Your Infinix Smartphone Battery Last Longer

  1. Tip #1: Select a low brightness level.
  2. Tip #2: Disable Sync.
  3. Tip #3: Identify the battery drainers.
  4. Tip #4: Turn off Bluetooth and GPS.
  5. Tip #5: Activate Battery Saving Mode.


How much is infinix Hot 2?

Infinix Hot 2 is now available in Nigeria. You can buy the entry level smartphone at Jumia. Infinix Hot 2 Price in Nigeria ranges from 35,500 Naira to 45,000 Naira, depending on your location and the configuration.

What is the latest infinix phone in Nigeria 2020?

Best Infinix Phones In Nigeria 2020

  • Infinix S5 Pro. The Infinix S5 Pro is the most ‘recent’ Infinix device you can get. …
  • Infinix S5. This device is the predecessor of Infinix S5 Pro. …
  • Infinix Note 6. …
  • Infinix Hot 8. …
  • Infinix Smart 3. …
  • Infinix Zero 6. …
  • Infinix S4.
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Can I swap my phone at slot?

The Phone Must not Be a Stolen Device: yes, Slot won’t accept any phone with no means of verification from you as the owner. So before you go in for a phone swap deal, make sure you have ownership proof of the device. Neatness and Must Be in Good Condition: the phone should be neat and must be in fine condition.

How much is infinix Hot 8 in slot?

Infinix HOT 8 Price in Nigeria

The price of Infinix HOT 8 X650D 6.6 Inch HD+, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM in Nigeria is between N55,000 and N60,000 while the price of Infinix HOT 8, 6.6 HD, Android 9, 32GB/2GB RAM is between N50,000 and N55,000 depending on your location.

How much is hot 9 screen?

Infinix screen replacement price in Nigeria

Infinix Screen Model Infinix screen replacement price in Nigeria-including original screen and repair cost
Infinix HOT 6 14100
Infinix HOT 7 13800
Infinix HOT 8 13600
Infinix HOT 9 16200

What is the price of infinix Hot 8 in Ghana?

The Infinix Hot 8 presented on the Ghanaian market comes in two variants: The 4G Hot 8 with 2GB Ram and 32GB of storage and. The 3G Hot 8 Lite with 2GB Ram and 32GB of storage.

Hot 8 4G.

Store Price Contact
Franko Phones (No Delivery) GHS 569 Contact Store

How much is infinix hot 4 screen in Ghana?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Broken Infinix/TECNO/Itel Phone Screen in Ghana

Phone model (Infinix, TECNO,itel) Screen replacement price -including repair cost
HOT 8 190
NOTE 4 136
NOTE 7 271
NOTE 6 343
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