Best answer: How much is a gram of 18K gold in Nigeria?

Current Rate 18,651.70 NGN/gm 18K
Bid Price 18,650.01 NGN/gm 18K
Ask Price 18,653.40 NGN/gm 18K
Open Price 18,696.37 NGN/gm 18K

How much is 18K gold per gram in Nigeria?

18K Gold Price in Nigeria today

Gold Unit Gold Rate in Nigerian Naira
Gram 18K 18929 NGN
Kilo 18K 18929625.03 NGN
Tola 18K 220792 NGN
Ounce 18K 588778.01 NGN

How much is 1g of 18K gold worth?

Today’s Gold Prices

Per Gram
10K $24.44
14K $33.88
18K $43.97

How much is gold per gram in Nigeria today?

Today Gold Price in Nigeria = 25,249 NGN per Gram. 10 Grams Gold Rate = 252,486 NGN.

Gold Price in Nigeria today.

Gold Unit Gold Rate in Nigerian Naira
Gram 24K ₦25,249 NGN
Gram 23K ₦24,197 NGN
Gram 22K ₦23,145 NGN
Gram 21K ₦22,093 NGN

How much is 1kg gold in Naira?

Nigeria Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live

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Gold Rates per Kg Gold Price per Kilo [NGN] in Nigerian naira
1 Kilo Gold Price (1 kilogram) 25,193,610.38
2 Kilos Gold Price (2 kilogram) 50,387,220.77
5 Kilos Gold Price (5 kilogram) 125,968,051.91
10 Kilos Gold Price (10 kilogram) 251,936,103.83

Which is better 18K or 22K gold?

Durability: At 92% purity, 22K gold is slightly more durable than 24K gold, but less durable than 18K gold. In this regard, 22K gold is a happy compromise between 18K and 24K, however there is greater market variety for 22K gold jewelry than 24K.

What is the price of 1 karat gold?

1K Gold Price in Different Quantities

Units of 1K Gold Price in USD
1 Carat Gold Price $0.5105 USD
5 Carat Gold Price $2.5525 USD
10 Carat Gold Price $5.105 USD
20 Carat Gold Price $10.21 USD

How do you tell if 18K gold is real?

Gold is a metal that will not attract a magnet. To test is 18k gold real, hold it next to a magnet. If the magnet sticks to your jewelry, then it does not have a high percentage of gold but is made up of other, more magnetic metals.

How much is 18K 750 gold worth?

The gold marking “750” refers to what is known as 18K gold in the US. Both terms mean basically the same thing and represent the exact same value. Today, 1 gram of 750 gold sells for $40.62 and 1 pennyweight of 750 gold sells for $62.96.

How much is 18K gold worth per gram in USA?

Today 18K Gold Price in the USA = $45.059 USD per Gram.

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How much is a gram of 22K gold in Nigeria?

Gold Rate in Nigeria in Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Gold Unit Gold Price in Nigerian Naira
Tola 292,190.88 NGN
Gram 24K 25,050.50 NGN
Gram 22K 22,962.96 NGN
Gram 21K 21,919.19 NGN

How much can I sell my gold ring for?

If you’re selling Gold Jewelry, a reasonable settlement would be 70% to 80% of the market value. If you’re selling Gold Coins a reasonable settlement would be 90% of the market value. If you are near The Los Angeles area, National Gold Market is located in Pasadena, California.

Where can I buy raw gold in Nigeria?

334 Raw Gold Suppliers & Exporters in Nigeria

  • Udies Farms And Son Investment Limited. …
  • Qachy Concepts. …
  • God Prosperity Concept. …
  • ThereVin Oil & Gas. …
  • N’s Food. …
  • Calfron Global Resources Ltd. …
  • Betaplusng Development Company Ltd.

How much is 1KG of 24K gold worth?

Gold Price per Kilo in UK

Gold Unit Gold Rate in Pound
Kilo 24K £43,216 GBP
Kilo 23K £41,415 GBP
Kilo 22K £39,615 GBP
Kilo 21K £37,814 GBP

How much is a kilo of 24K gold worth?

Gold Price per Kilo in US Dollar

Gold Unit Gold Rate in US Dollar
Kilo 24K $60,532 USD
Kilo 23K $58,010 USD
Kilo 22K $55,488 USD
Kilo 21K $52,966 USD
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