Best answer: How do I become a contestant on Big Brother Nigeria?

Send an email to with your smartcard or IUC number to receive your unique website link to complete registration. Remember, your audition will include a 2-minute video telling Big Brother why you deserve to be a housemate.

How do I enter Big Brother?

How To Apply To Big Brother

  1. Make a video (check out “video” tab on the site for some guidance). …
  2. Save a current picture of yourself, and video to your computer, so they are ready when you apply online.
  3. Completely fill out the online application and upload your video and picture.

Will there be big brother Naija 2021?

According to the organisers, there will be a season 6 edition of the show which will hold in July, 2021. Currently, the registration for the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6 edition has closed.

How do I apply for Big Brother UK?

The application process isn’t currently open, but you can currently register your interest to apply for the next series. And, based on the application process from previous years, all you’ll need to do is upload a 60 second video and send the link in your application on the auditions website.

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Is it hard to get on Big Brother?

In order to be considered for Big Brother, everyone has to fill out an application, send a video, and if they’re chosen, they have to be auditioned. It definitely sounds like people have to put in quite a lot of time and hard work in order to even get to the audition phase.

What do Big Brother contestants get paid?

The houseguests get paid each week.

According to Reel Rundown, the weekly stipend for “Big Brother” houseguests is $1,000. This information was obtained during season 19 of the show when two contestants, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, were overheard discussing their finances.

Is there going to be Big Brother 2020?

Last year, CBS officially confirmed that Big Brother would return for season 22, with the long-running reality show set to honor its 20th anniversary in summer 2020.

Is Big Brother Mzansi coming back in 2021?

Apparently so, because Channel 7 has renewed it for 2021! Apparently Sonia Kruger & Big Brother himself have already been planning how to keep the housemates on their toes. “He’ll be back cheekier than ever so our new housemates better be ready to play.

What date is Big Brother 2021 starting?

Big Brother Australia 2021, also known as Big Brother 13, is the thirteenth season of the Australian reality television series Big Brother. It began airing on 26 April 2021 on Seven Network. Sonia Kruger returned as host of the series. The concept for this season is More Than Meets The Eye.

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Do Big Brother contestants wear their own clothes?

Yeah they seem to be flexible with that rule if it suits your “character”. Paul and JennCity for example, were allowed to wear black. Andy said on a recap episode that they often make you wear clothes that fit your stereotypes. He wore a lot of shirts that didn’t fit his style but the show made him wear them.

Is alcohol allowed on Big Brother?

Although Big Brother has a long list of rules, there is no specific rule on alcohol. Housemates can drink alcohol when it is provided to them although they may also have drinks confiscated.

Can Big Brother contestants take notes?

THERE IS A TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT. Big Brother contestants are not allowed access to television, radio, phones, or the internet. They’re not even allowed to have writing utensils or paper. They can, however, play chess.

What are my chances of getting on Big Brother?

Since each season includes a total of 16 players, it implies 16 out of roughly 30,000 applicants will be selected. In turn, if you apply to be on Big Brother and meet all their eligibility requirements, your estimated odds of being on the show are approximately 1 in 1,875.

Who was the youngest player on Big Brother?

Michelle Maradie was a houseguest in Big Brother 4. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Michelle came into the house as the youngest contestant in the shows history, and was shocked to see her ex boyfriend David Lane was also in the house with her.

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What are the Big Brother house rules?

In an effort to promote diversity, CBS announced a new rule for Big Brother that 50% of all contestants must be a person of color or an indigenous person for the 2021–2022 broadcast season.

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