Your question: What language do they speak in Togo West Africa?

While French remains Togo’s official language, the government has nationalized two of the country’s most frequently spoken local languages, Ewe and Kabiye, both of which are written languages that were supposed to be taught in primary school, though Essizewa says this largely has not happened.

How many languages are spoken in Togo?

Togo is a multilingual country, which according to one count has 44 languages spoken. The official language is French. Two indigenous languages were designated politically as national languages in 1975: Ewé (Ewe: Èʋegbe) and Kabiyé.

What is the most common language spoken in Togo?


What languages do Togo people speak?

The official language is French, although it is not widely spoken outside of business and government. Widely spoken indigenous languages belong to the Niger-Congo language family and include Ewe in the south and Kabiye in the north.

Is English spoken in Togo?

Language in Togo

French is the official language, while Ewe, Watchi and Kabiyé are the most widely spoken African languages. Very little English is spoken.

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Is Togo part of Ghana?

After Germany’s defeat during the First World War, the colony of Togoland was divided between France and Britain as protectorates. The western part of Togoland became part of Britain’s Gold Coast colony, which became independent in 1957 to form modern-day Ghana. Togo gained independence from France in 1960.

Is Togo a poor country?

Togo is classified as a Least Developed Country (LCD) and Low Income Food Deficit Country (LIFDC), and remains among the poorest countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Over 50 percent of the population live below the poverty line (under USD 1, 25 per day).

Where is Mina spoken?

The Mina language, also known by the names Hina and Besleri, is a Chadic language spoken in Northern Cameroon by 10,000 people. Speakers of Mina are generally bilingual, with Fulfulde (Fula) being the second language.

Is German spoken in Togo?

The official language is French . The national languages ​​are Ewe and Kabiyé. Around 100,000 people speak German as a foreign language in Togo.

German language in Togo
speaker about 100,000
Linguistic classification Indo-European languages Germanic languages West Germanic languages German

Is Yoruba spoken in Togo?

Èdè Yorùbá) is a language spoken in West Africa, most prominently Southwestern Nigeria. It is spoken by the ethnic Yoruba people.

Yoruba language.

Native to Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana
Ethnicity Yoruba
Native speakers 50 million (2020)

Is it safe to visit Togo?

Violent crime, theft and pick-pocketing are common throughout Togo and you should be especially cautious in Lomé along the beach and in the markets. Attacks occur during daylight as well as at night. You should avoid travelling alone where possible, even within Lomé city limits, especially at night.

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What is Togo well known for?

Togo is known for their great beaches, among them being Aneho Beach and Lome Beach. Some of the beaches are home to white sands and it’s easy to get privacy. Put on your swimwear, grab a drink and splash around in the calm ocean.

Is Togo a good place to live?

The report, which ranked the happiest countries in the world, found that of the 156 studied, Togo was the unhappiest, eight places behind even war-torn Syria. Among the factors surveyed were standard of living, life expectancy, freedom from corruption, and freedom to make choices.

Why is Togo the saddest country?

This small West African nation is the saddest country in the world. Togo used to be the heart of slave trade in Africa. … Rifts between the country’s leaders over power has left the people to fend for themselves, resulting in immense poverty.

What is the name of Togo currency?

West African CFA franc

What is unique about Togo?

Togo is among the smallest countries in Africa, and enjoys one of the highest standards of living on the continent owing to its valuable phosphate deposits and a well-developed export sector based on agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa bean, and peanuts (groundnuts), which together generate roughly 30% of …

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