Your question: What kind of plants grow in South Africa?

What plants grow in South Africa?

Plant Life

  • Agapanthus.
  • Amaryllis belladonna.
  • Babiana genus.
  • Barleria genus.
  • Carpobrotus dimidiatus.
  • Chasmanthe.
  • Clematis brachiata.
  • Clivia miniata.

How many plant species are found in South Africa?

20,000. plant species are found in South Africa – an astonishing 10% of all plants found on Earth.

What flower is that South Africa?

The king protea is the national flower of South Africa.

Which shrubs are native to South Africa?

Protea (Protea cynaroides)

  • Protea repens.
  • Protea stokoei.
  • Protea obtusifolia.
  • Protea magnifica.
  • Protea cynaroides.
  • Protea caffra.

What plants grow in winter in South Africa?

The best vegetables to grow in Winter in South Africa

  • Green onions. In case you are wondering about what vegetables to plant in winter in South Africa, why not start with onions. …
  • Garlic. Garlic is one of the easiest to plant winter vegetables. …
  • Peas. Green pea is one of the most nutritious spring vegetables that your farm can ever bear. …
  • Spring onions. …
  • Perpetual spinach.
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What animal is indigenous to South Africa?

Springbok. The springbok is the national animal of South Africa. Springboks are very common in rural areas and on many farms. This antelope is very common in the bush veld and in deserts.

What animals are only found in South Africa?

It supports a wide range of ungulates including Burchell’s zebra, impala, greater kudu, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, warthog, Cape buffalo, giraffe and hippopotamus. There are also black and white rhinoceroses, African elephant, African wild dog, cheetah, leopard, lion and spotted hyena.

What does it mean if a plant is indigenous to South Africa?

When we say something is indigenous, we mean that it originally came from a particular area. … If you want to plant a water-wise garden, it is best to choose plants that are indigenous to the Cape region rather than plants from summer rainfall regions of South Africa.

Where is the highest plant diversity in South Africa?

Cape Floristic Region Hotspot

The Cape Floristic Region (CFR) is perhaps South Africa’s most famous biodiversity hotspot. It is also recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to its extraordinary vascular plant diversity at all taxonomic levels.

What is South Africa’s motto?

The motto is: ǃke e꞉ ǀxarra ǁke, written in the Khoisan language of the ǀXam people, literally meaning “diverse people unite”.

What is South Africa’s national bird?

Blue crane – Anthropoides paradisia

This elegant crane, that stands about one meter high, is almost entirely restricted to South Africa in its distribution. The blue crane is a light blue-grey, has a long neck supporting a rather bulbous head, long legs and elegant wing plumes which sweep to the ground.

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What flowers are indigenous to South Africa?

12 edible indigenous South African plants

  • Pelargonium culallatum (wild malva) …
  • Pelargonium tomentosum (peppermint-scented pelargonium) …
  • Coleonema pulchellum (confetti bush) …
  • Oxalis pes-caprae (wild sorrel) …
  • Artemesia afra (African wormwood) …
  • Carissa macrocarpa (num-num) …
  • Tulbachia violacea (wild garlic) …
  • Jasminum multipartitum (many-petalled jasmine)


Are hydrangeas indigenous to South Africa?

Hydrangeas (or Christmas roses, as they are affectionately referred to in South Africa) are native to Asia and America, but they grow well in almost all parts of South Africa, from our coastal areas to the interior.

Is the Protea indigenous to South Africa?

Pincushion Proteas

The Pincushion Protea or Leucospermum is a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants in the family Proteaceae. It’s native to South Africa and Zimbabwe and occupies a variety of habitats from scrub and forest to mountain slopes.

Is Lavender indigenous to South Africa?

Fern Leaf Lavenders, Lavandin

Three different species of lavender, Lavandula multifida, which is from southern Europe and North Africa, Lavandula pinnata and Lavandula canariensis from the Canary Islands, are all called fern-leaf lavender.

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