Your question: What is the African masquerade dance?

A masquerade ceremony (or masked rite, festival, procession or dance) is a cultural or religious event involving the wearing of masks. In the Dogon religion, the traditional beliefs of the Dogon people of Mali, there are several mask dances, some of which include the Sigi festival.

What is the function of masquerade?

Many African societies have a rich tradition of masquerades, which are plays, ceremonies, or dances by masked performers. Masquerades provide entertainment, define social roles, and communicate religious meaning. The masks used in such performances may be treasured as works of art.

Which are aspects of an African masquerade?

A Masquerade ceremony is a cultural or religious rite, festival, procession, or dance involving the wearing of masks. Music, dancing, and costumes including masks are key elements of masquerades.

What is the African dance called?

The term African dance refers mainly to the numerous dance styles of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Western Africa.

Dance Purpose Country / Tribe of Origin
Kete Ghana/ Ashanti
Kakilambe Fertility ritual Guinea or Mali / Baga people
Kwassa kwassa Celebration Congo (DRC)
Lamban Celebration Guinea, Senegal, Mali
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What is a Nigerian masquerade?

Mmanwu is a traditional masquerade of the Igbo people of Southeastern Nigeria. They are performed only by males in exclusive secret societies and involve the use of elaborate, colorful costumes that are meant to invoke ancestral spirits.

What does a masquerade symbolize?

Black Masquerade Masks can symbolize many personality traits including elegance, authority, dignity, sophistication, mystery, and seduction.

What is the concept of masquerade?

To masquerade means “to pretend to be someone else.” If you masquerade as a sweet, kind-hearted person, you present that image to the world, hiding your true identity as a jerk who has rage issues. As a verb, masquerade can also mean to dress up as someone else, in costume.

Why do masquerades chase you?

As a passerby, resident or traveller, you may encounter masquerades who would accost you with their whips and canes, trying to get a rise out of you. This is the whole bane of the encounter because if you show fear, they will take advantage of that to harass you into doing what they want.

What functions do masquerades play in African communities?

They are a symbolic resurrection of the ancestors. To the Ifeku-Ibaji, Egwu (masquerade) symbolised both the ancestral shrine as well as represented the resurrected spirits of a dead elder, whose appearance and performance played a protective and regulatory role in the affairs of the living.

Are masquerade balls real?

Masquerades are lavish costume parties where attendees wear masks and are held around the world. From Europe and America to Africa, you’ll find elaborate, masked parties and colorful festivals.

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Gwara Gwara dance has become one of the most popular dance styles in Africa.

Which African country has the best dance?

Top 10 African Dance Styles of 2018

  • Gwara Gwara Dance – South Africa. …
  • Rosalina Dance – Democratic Republic of Congo. …
  • Pilolo Dance – Ghana. …
  • Malwedhe/Idibala Dance – South Africa. …
  • Black Panther/Wakanda – Africa/Diaspora. …
  • Vosho Dance – South Africa. …
  • Kwangwaru Dance – Tanzania. …
  • Kpakujemu – Nigeria.

Which country has the best dance?

Top 10 Countries Famous for Their Dances

  • Step Dance, Ireland.
  • Tap Dance, USA.
  • Waltz Dance, Austria.
  • Hopak Dance, Ukraine.
  • Cancan Dance, France.
  • Ballet Dance, Italy.
  • Belly Dance, Middle East.
  • Tango Dance, Argentina.


Who is the father of Igbo?

The father of the Igbo people is Eri. Eri is the god-like founder of what is today Nigeria and is believed to have settled the region around 948.

Who is Ijele Africa?

Ijele is a special masquerade in Anambra and Enugu State, Nigeria. It is the King of all Masquerades and as such has 45 different other masquerades perform on top of it in the olden days. … Ijele is a family of 4: the mother; father; police and palm wine taper which will be discussed under the Ijele family below.

What does Ijele mean in Igbo?

A submission from Nigeria says the name Ijele means “Ijele in Igbo land refers to one of the greatest masquerades, well-known for its dignity and grace. It is highly respected and adored. Conotatively, we use Ijele to refer to a person of honour and dignity”.

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