Your question: What are the three largest cities in East Africa?

City Country Urban Area Population
Addis Ababa Ethiopia 2638500
Nairobi Kenya 3043100
Dar es Salaam Tanzania 2456100
Mogadishu Somalia 1183100

Which is the largest city in East and Central Africa?

Cairo. Located in the Nile Delta, Cairo is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. In Egypt, it serves as the largest city and also the capital town. Further, the metropolitan has the largest urban area in Africa and the Middle East.

What country are the 3 largest cities in Africa?

List of city proper in Africa by population

Rank City Country
1 Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo
2 Lagos Nigeria
3 Cairo Egypt
4 Giza Egypt

What is the most developed city in East Africa?

Nairobi, Kenya

As one of the most sophisticated and developed urban economies in East Africa, Nairobi is rich in natural assets and human resources and is strategically located to facilitate local and international business.

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What are the five largest cities in Africa?

Largest cities in Africa as of 2021, by number of inhabitants (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of inhabitants in thousands
Lagos , Nigeria 9,000
Kinshasa , Congo 7,786
Cairo , Egypt 7,734.6
Alexandria , Egypt 3,811.5

What is the cleanest city in Africa?

1- Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa for good reasons. All residents are passionate to keep their city clean.

What is the nicest city in Africa?

14 Best Cities in Africa

  1. Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town. …
  2. Marrakesh, Morocco. Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh. …
  3. Cairo, Egypt. Riding camels at the pyramids of Giza. …
  4. Stone Town, Zanzibar. Aerial view of Stone Town. …
  5. Johannesburg, South Africa. Johannesburg. …
  6. Kigali, Rwanda. Downtown Kigali. …
  7. Essaouira, Morocco. Essaouira, Morocco. …
  8. Windhoek, Namibia.


Which is the dirtiest city in Africa?

One report tok say Kano na di most polluted city for di whole of Africa and di pollution reach 53.4% inside 100%.

  • Most pipo for di state dey use Firewood, Kerosine or charcoal to cook food.
  • High number of refuse dumps and farm wastes.
  • Smoke from cars, motorcycles and oda things.


What’s the richest city in Africa?

The city of gold, Johannesburg, is the wealthiest city in Africa and home to 15 100 dollar millionaires (about R14 million or more) and two dollar billionaires (about R14 billion or more), according to the Africa Wealth Report 2021 by New World Wealth for Mauritius-based AfrAsia Bank.

Which city is the most developed in Africa?

Cape Town is the most developed city in Africa, and the second-largest city in South Africa.

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What is the richest country in East Africa?

10 | TANZANIA (GDP: $62,224 Billion)

Rank Country GDP Per Capita (International Dollar)
1 Equatorial Guinea 34,865
2 Seychelles 28,712
3 Mauritius 21,628
4 Gabon 19,266

Which is the largest town in East Africa?

The following is a list of the largest cities by population and of capital cities in the geographic region of East Africa.

List of capital cities.

City Nairobi
Year of approximation 2017
Notes Capital
Area East African Community
Image Nairobi, Kenya

Which is the beautiful city in East Africa?

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It is the best-developed city in Eastern Africa to specific standards. It has world-class buildings, road networks, and other social amenities. This makes it an ideal place to establish a business in the region. Addis Ababa is also said to have the most beautiful girls in Africa.

Where is the biggest place in Africa?

Lagos is the biggest city in Africa. It’s located in Nigeria, in the state of Lagos. Classed as one of the fastest-growing cities on the planet, Lagos stretches out across over 450 square miles (1,100 square km) and is home to around 21 million people in its full metropolitan area.

Which is the most populous country in Africa?

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa.

African countries with the largest population as of 2021 (in 1,000 individuals)

Characteristic Population in thousands
Nigeria 206,140
Ethiopia 114,964
Egypt 102,334

What is the biggest capital city in Africa?

The population figures refer to the metropolitan area of Africa’s capitals. For example, Cairo, the largest city in Africa, has a population of about 9.1 million people, but more than 20 million people live in its metropolitan area.

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