Your question: Is there VAT on engine oil South Africa?

VAT is levied on the importation of goods, subject to certain exceptions, such as the exemption from VAT of imported petroleum oil and crude oil imported for the purposes of being refined.

Is there VAT on engine oil?

Any heavy oil used as a road fuel is standard-rated. VAT is due on the total value, including any excise duty.

Is VAT charged on petrol in South Africa?

The following goods and services are zero-rated: … Goods which are subject to the fuel levy (petrol and diesel)

Is VAT levied on petrol?

A fairly wide range of basic foodstuffs together with diesel, petrol and illuminating paraffin are zero-rated as distinct from exempt. This means that the customer pays no VAT, but the supplier can, if VAT registered, claim input VAT because they are making VATable supplies (albeit at a rate of zero).

Is fuel taxable in South Africa?

The National Treasury has announced an increase in the general fuel levy and Road Accident Fund levy to take effect from 7 April 2021. 88 – is made up of these two taxes. … The latest tax increases will take this closer to R6.

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Do we pay VAT on electricity?

Should I pay VAT on gas and electricity for business? VAT is payable on all business and domestic energy usage. This means you’ll pay VAT on any gas and electricity you use for work purposes, whether you’re on business premises or working from home.

Can you reclaim VAT on fuel?

You can reclaim all the VAT on fuel if your vehicle is used only for business. There are 3 ways of handling VAT if you use the vehicle for both business and private purposes. You can: reclaim all the VAT and pay the right fuel scale charge for your vehicle.

What is VAT charged on in South Africa?

VAT increased from 14% to 15% from 1 April 2018. VAT is levied on the supply of most goods and services and on the importation of goods. The VAT on the importation of goods is collected by customs. There is a limited range of goods and services which are subject to VAT at the zero rate or are exempt from VAT.

How does South Africa collect VAT?

VAT is levied on the supply of all goods and services rendered by vendors throughout the business cycle. … VAT is also levied on the importation of certain goods and services into South Africa. It is levied at the standard rate of 15%, but provision for exemptions of certain goods or services exists.

What items are exempt from VAT in South Africa?

VAT Exemption of “Essential Goods”. Does that mean more disposable income for consumers?

  • Food. Any food product, including non -alcoholic beverages; …
  • Cleaning and hygiene products. Toilet Paper, sanitary pads, sanitary tampons, condoms; …
  • Medical. …
  • Fuel, including coal and gas.
  • Basic goods, including airtime and electricity.
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What products are exempt from VAT?

HMRC has full list of VAT-exempt products, but some of the main goods and services that are exempt from VAT include:

  • Sporting activities and physical education.
  • Education and training.
  • Some medical treatments.
  • Financial services, insurance, and investments.

What is the difference between exempt and zero-rated VAT?

Zero-rated items are goods on which the Government charge VAT but the rate is currently set to zero. Exempt items are goods on which no VAT is paid or charged, but which still need to be recorded on the VAT Return. …

What is VAT not charged on?

Zero-rated items

As well as the reduced rate, there are a number of products on which no VAT is charged. These include most food, children’s clothing, books and magazines, and goods sold in charity shops which have been donated by members of the public. There are several quirks in the VAT system.

What is fuel tax used for in South Africa?

Money collected through the RAF Levy portion of every litre of petrol sold is used to fund the Road Accident Fund, which uses the money to compensate victims of road accidents. In 2016, the RAF Levy was R1,54 (unchanged from 2015).

What is the fuel levy in South Africa?

A large portion of South Africa’s petrol price is made up of levies, with the General Fuel Levy (GFL) and the Road Accident Fund Levy (RAF) taking up the biggest chunks.

You’ll now pay R313 tax every time you fill up with petrol.

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Fuel (Inland) March official April official
93 Petrol R16.15 R17.10
0.05% Diesel (wholesale) R14.12 R14.77
0.005% Diesel (wholesale) R14.17 R14.80

What is the current diesel price in South Africa?

For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world for this period is 19.02 South African Rand.

South Africa Diesel prices, 31-May-2021.

South Africa Diesel prices Liter Gallon
ZAR 16.575 62.743
USD 1.209 4.577
EUR 0.989 3.744
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