Your question: How many SOEs are there in South Africa?

DPE has oversight responsibility in full or in part for six of the approximately 700 SOEs that exist at the national, provincial, and local levels: Alexkor (diamonds), Denel (military equipment), Eskom (electricity generation), Transnet (railway transport and pipelines) South African Express, South African Forestry …

Is Telkom an SOE?

Telkom SA SOC Limited is a South African wireline and wireless telecommunications provider, operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent. Telkom is majority-privatised with it being 39% state-owned enterprise.

Telkom (South Africa)

Type Public

Is Sasol an SOE?

Sasol employs 30,100 people worldwide and has operations in 33 countries. It is the largest corporate taxpayer in South Africa.


Trade name Sasol
Predecessor Suid-Afrikaanse Steenkool-, OLie- en Gasmaatskappy or South African Synthetic Oil Limited
Founded 1950
Headquarters Sandton , South Africa

What is the challenge facing the SOE in South Africa?

Mismanagement, incompetence, corruption and looting are at the core of the problems facing the country’s State-Owned Enterprises and unless these are addressed – and swiftly – our public entities will continue to flounder or even fail.

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Is Eskom a state-owned company?

As a state-owned enterprise, Eskom has such a preservation programme in accordance with the Act. … The vision is to highlight the importance of Eskom story to South Africa and the world through supply of electricity since 1923.

Who is the best cell phone provider in South Africa?

MTN has once again been recognised as the best mobile network in South Africa, according to the latest Mobile Network Quality Report by MyBroadband.

Does Telkom own Vodacom?

Vodacom Group Limited (operating as Vodacom) is a South African mobile communications company, providing voice, messaging, data and converged services to over 55 million customers.


Type Public
Founders Telkom South Africa: Alan Knott-Craig (Senior)
Headquarters Midrand
Area served Africa

Why is SAA losing money?

The airline is bleeding money, and made massive losses over recent years, with taxpayers having to fork out more than R25 billion in bailouts and guaranteed loans. Its predicament was caused by a number of problems: including political interference, the weak rand and leadership turmoil.

Which companies are state owned in South Africa?


Name Industry Ownership type
Sasol Energy 27.3% government owned
Sentech Telecommunications Fully government owned
South African Airways Transport Fully government owned
South African Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Fully government owned

What makes Sasol company successful?

Sasol petrol stations attract the most clients per site in South Africa according to a new survey. … Good location is one of the main reasons why Sasol has the highest visit ratio – 4,221 visits to each of its 294 sites over last three months – according to the research.

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How can the government reduce inequality in South Africa?

The roll-out of new social grants, improvements in the progressivity of taxation policy, and new laws protecting the minimum wages of the lowest earners have all kept South African inequality from growing further, but they have not been enough to overcome the country’s rising earnings inequality.

Why are state-owned enterprises inefficient?

They concluded that SOEs were more inefficient compared to private corporations not because of the type of ownership, but mostly due to the lack of clear objectives and goals focusing on efficiency, and additionally lack of organization-level control systems to attain these goals.

What are the problems of state-owned enterprises?

7 Problems Faced by State Enterprises

  • (i) Form of Organisation: This is one of the important problems of state enterprises. …
  • (ii) Managerial Autonomy: ‘How much autonomy should be allowed to the management is another important factor. …
  • (iii) Public Accountability: …
  • (iv) Pricing policy: …
  • (v) Working Conditions: …
  • (vi) Industrial Relations: …
  • (vii) Research Schemes:

Which country is supplying South Africa with electricity?

South Africa exports electricity to seven countries in Southern Africa. On the list, we have Zimbabwe, Lesotho, eSwatini, Namibia, Botswana. Mozambique and Zambia. Wilkinson says that Zimbabwe is not only importing electricity from South Africa but from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique.

Why is Eskom failing?

Eskom has two major problems. Its operating costs are too high and it can’t pay its debt. It owes over R400 billion and does not generate enough cash to pay even the interest on its debt. … Eskom’s sales have been declining by about 1% per annum.

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When did load shedding begin in South Africa?

In January 2008 Eskom controversially introduced “load shedding”, planned rolling blackouts based on a rotating schedule, in periods where short supply threatens the integrity of the grid.

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