You asked: What does grade R stand for in South Africa?

The DBE’s Foundation Phase includes a pre-school grade known as grade R, for “reception”. Grade R is compulsory, but not all primary schools offer grade R. Grade R may also be attended at pre-school facilities.

What does grade R mean in South Africa?

Grade R (also called the Reception Year) is the year of schooling before Grade 1. The Grade R curriculum was first outlined in the Revised National Curriculum Statement R-9 (2002), as part of the Foundation Phase Curriculum.

What is Grade R stand for?

The R in Grade R stands for Reception. It is the year that our children are received into the exciting world of ‘big’ school. If their reception is warm and fun, they will have an excellent foundation for coping with school and enjoying learning.

Is Grade R compulsory in South Africa 2019?

In South Africa, Grade R is part of the Department of Basic Education’s national curriculum. A child must be at least four years old to be registered for Grade R and must turn at least five on 30 June of his Grade R year. … The department wants to make Grade R compulsory by 2019.

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At what age can a child go to Grade R in South Africa?

Grade R is age four turning five by 30 June in the year of admission; Grade 1 is age five turning six by 30 June in the year of admission.

Can I teach Grade R with ECD certificate?

) NQF Level 5: The Level 5 Higher Certificate in ECD is targeted at practitioners teaching Gr. R learners. Once practitioners have completed this qualification, they are eligible to apply for Department of Basic Education vacant Grade R posts.

Is Grade R the same as grade 0?

Grade R is sometimes called Grade 0 (pronounced “grade nought”), particularly in previously white schools, where the usage was once common.

What is the main reason for Grade R?

* Grade R starts teaching children fundamental skills, such as numbers and letter formation, which form the basis for their continuing education. They learn the difference between alphabetical and phonetic knowledge, reading, writing, spelling, counting, adding and subtracting.

How should a Grade R classroom look like?

Within any Grade R classroom, there are in effect 10 distinct areas to consider:

  • Creative Arts Area.
  • Literacy Activity Area.
  • Life Skills Activity Area.
  • Blocks and Puzzles Area.
  • Numeracy Activity Area.
  • Nature and Discovery Table.
  • Large Carpet Area.
  • Writing Area.

What should I teach in grade R?

What do Grade R teachers do?

  • Expose learners to language incidentally through planned interactive activities and through play-based learning.
  • Expose learners to the following mathematics content areas through play-based activities.
  • numbers, operations and relationships;
  • patterns, functions and algebra;

When can I apply for Grade R 2021?

Child registration. You must enroll your child in a school between 1 August and 31 October of the preceding year. A Grade R applicant must be four years turning five or older by 30 June the next year and an applicant for grade one must be five years and turning six or older by 30 June the next year.

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What age must a child start Grade 1?

Children usually start Grade 1 in the year in which they turn seven. Children who will be turning six during the year can start school if they are shown to be ready for school.

What grade should a 5 year old be in?

Stamford American International School Grade Placement

Grade by Age Appropriate 2020 – 2021
Pre-Kindergarten Age 3 Sept 2016 – Aug 2017
Kindergarten 1 (KG1) Age 4-5 Sept 2015 – Aug 2016
Kindergarten 2 (KG2) Age 5 – 6 Sept 2014 – Aug 2015
Grade 1 Age 6 – 7 Sept 2013 – Aug 2014

When must a child start school in South Africa?

At what age can a child start school in South Africa? A South African child may start school at the age of five-and-a-half, provided she turns six by June 30 of her Grade one year. By law, a child must start school by the year in which she turns seven.

What grade is a 3 year old in South Africa?

Grade 000 (3-4 years old)

What grade is a 10 year old in South Africa?

Age/Grade Information

Age US Curriculum “Year” South Africa Curriculum “Year”
9 years old 4 4
10 years old 5 5
11 years old 6 6
12 years old 7 7
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