You asked: Is there still a place for trade unions in South Africa?

Today trade unions are still an important force in South Africa, with 3.11 million members representing 25.3% of the formal work force.

Is there still a place for trade unions?

COSATU is currently the largest trade union federation in South Africa boasting 21 affiliated unions and declared membership of 2.2 million in 2012. Trade unions now have a broader role to play in national development over and above protecting workers’ rights and improving their economic status.

How many trade unions are there in South Africa?

There are 24 Trade Union Federations in South Africa.

Are trade unions still effective today?

Today most employers – certainly in local government and public organisations – work with recognised trade unions. The trade unions themselves train their shop stewards and negotiators in how to support their members effectively. … One of today’s most successful sides to trade unionism is the role of the Learning Rep.

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Are trade unions Effective in South Africa?

They have been extremely effective in destroying work opportunities in South Africa. Our laws do not cater for an employees right to work – only to strike. As such it is one of the major impediments to employ people same as “basic wage”, “conditions of employment” and BEE.

What are the 4 types of unions?

Types of Trade Unions – 4 Main Types: Craft Union, Industrial Union, General Union and Federations. Trade unions fight for workers’ rights.

What are the 3 types of unions?

It is easiest to differentiate among three distinct levels within the labor movement: local unions, national unions, and federations.

Who is the biggest union in South Africa?

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) is the largest of the three major trade union centres, with a membership of 1.8 million, and is part of the Tripartite alliance with the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP).

What are the 4 types of unions in South Africa?

Fedusa general secretary Dennis George said that, while Fedusa respected the constitutional rights of the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) and the “nine-plus” unions to form the labour federation, SA already had four trade union federations, namely Cosatu, Consawu, Fedusa, and Nactu.

What are the different types of trade unions in South Africa?

FEDUSA Affiliate

  • South African Communications Union (SACU)
  • Joint Affirmative Management Forum (JAMAFO)
  • Health and Other Service Personnel Trade Union of South Africa (HOSPERSA)
  • Independent Commercial Hospitality and Allied Workers Union (ICHAWU)
  • Suid Afrikaanse Onderwysers Unie (SAOU)
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Why do employers hate unions?

The non union people, management typically, generally dislike unions for the difficulty they cause in their ability to work with their staff to do their jobs. Unions create an adversarial relationship between staff and managers. … They hate unions because it gives there slave workers a bit more power than they once had.

Are unions still needed today?

Unions are more important today than they ever were. … Unions are the workers’ watchdogs, using their power to ensure that workers rights under the law are protected. In addition to ensuring fairness and equitable treatment, many employers recognize that there are advantages to offering workers better wages and benefits.

What power do unions have?

The power of labor unions rests in their two main tools of influence: restricting labor supply and increasing labor demand. When unions want to increase union member wages or request other concessions from employers, they can do so through collective bargaining.

What is the role of trade unions in South Africa?

The Congress was formed in December 1985 after four years of talks between unions. COSATU is the largest labour union in South Africa. The main role of trade unions is negotiation and representation. The union is expected to determine the members’ grievances and relay the grievance to the employer.

How do trade unions work in South Africa?

Trade unions are independent organisations that represent workers to their employers. If you join a trade union, you are joining a group that will negotiate workplace issues such as salary, hours of work, and other conditions, on your behalf.

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How many members are required to register a trade union in South Africa?

Application for registration. (1) Any trade union composed of 25 or more members, any employers’ organization composed of two or more members, and any federation of such trade unions or employers’ organizations, may apply to the Registrar for registration.

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