Who owns Star Africa?

Patrick Quarcoo, popularly known as PQ, is a Ghanaian Kenya-based serial entrepreneur.

Who owns Smooth FM Kenya?

Smooth FM which broadcasts on 105.5 frequency is the youngest radio station under the Radio Africa Group which also owns Kiss 100, Classic 105, Radio Jambo and The Star newspaper.

Where is KISS 100 located?

KISS 100 FM is broadcast radio station in Nairobi, Kenya, providing Top 40 Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock and Reggae music.

When did KISS FM Kenya start?

Having started off with Kiss 100.3 FM in 2000, entrepreneurs Patrick Quarcoo and William Pike began a 15-year launch frenzy that resulted in the inception of eight radio stations, one TV station, one newspaper in Kenya, as well as two radio stations (Capital FM and Beat FM Kampala) in Kampala, Uganda.

Who is the owner of Kiss?


Format Active rock
Owner Cox Media Group (CMG NY/Texas Radio, LLC)

What happened KISS 100?

Radio presenters Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro. … Controversial radio show presenter and blogger Andrew Kibe has announced he is leaving Kiss 100 FM almost one year after joining the Radio Africa station in acrimonious circumstances from NRG Radio together with his sidekick Kamene Goro.

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How do you call a KISS 100?

Kiss 100 Kenya on Twitter: “0711046100 is the number to call for #BrainDrain – we play at 10mins to 9AM!

Is Kiss FM number?

Listen to KISS on FM

FM 97.2 MHz
FM 105.6 MHz
FM 106.1 MHz
FM 106.4 MHz
FM 107.7 MHz

What frequency is NRG?

NRG Radio Listen Live – 97.1 MHz FM, Nairobi, Kenya | Online Radio Box.

Who owns Radio Free Africa?

Ghanaian Patrick Quarcoo, often referred to as PQ, is the co-founder and CEO of the Radio Africa Group. The group owns six Kenyan radio stations: Kiss 100, Classic 105, Radio Jambo, X FM, East FM and Relax FM.

Who is the owner of Radio?

The Radio station currently plays a mix of Hindi and Regional music.

Radio City (Indian radio station)

Slogan Rag rag mein daude city
Owner Music Broadcast Limited (a subsidiary of Jagran Prakashan Limited)
First air date 3 July 2001

Who is the head of Radio Jambo?

Radio Jambo is owned by Radio Africa Group which was co-founded by Ghanaian Tycoon Patrick Quarcoo. Patrick is also the CEO of the radio station.

Does KISS FM still exist?

iHeartMedia claims ownership of the KISS-FM brand in the United States and operates most KISS-FM formatted stations there, though not KISS-FM in San Antonio, Texas, or KISS-FM America on TuneIn.

What did Kiss FM used to be called?

The station started as Kiss FM – a 1980s pirate radio station that was to become the UK’s first legal radio station specialising in black and dance music.

Kiss (UK radio station)

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First air date 7 October 1985 (as a pirate) 1 September 1990 (as a legal station)
Former names Kiss 100
Webcast KISS Player

Who owns Kiss FM UK?

Bauer Radio

Across the Sahara