Which tribe lives on the Nyika plateau of East Africa?

Nyika, also called Mijikenda, or Nika, any of several Northeast Bantu-speaking peoples including the Digo, who live along the coast of Kenya and Tanzania south from Mombasa to Pangani; the Giryama, who live north of Mombasa; and the Duruma, Jibana, Rabai, Ribe, Chonyi, Kaura, and Kambe, who live in the arid bush steppe …

What is found in Nyika plateau?

Its undulating surface is covered with montane grassland and patches of evergreen forest (including the southernmost occurrence of the Mulanje tree [Juniperus procera]) and is marked by occasional peaks and ridges (Nganda, 8,551 feet [2,606 m]; Vitumbi, 8,291 feet [2,527 m]).

Where is Nyika plateau found in Kenya?

The Nyika Plateau—the largest montane complex in south- central Africa—lies close to the northern tip of Lake Malawi.

Where is Nyika plateau found?

In the far north of Malawi, at an altitude of around 2,500m, Nyika is a rolling plateau dotted with stunning mountain outcrops. The Nyika National Park protects over 3,000km2 of this rich plateau, noted for the endemic herbs and heathers found in its rolling, montane grasslands.

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What is the main economic activity in Nyika plateau?

Iron smelting was an important economic activity which had been going on for 2000 years. In 1902 John McClounie made the earliest recommendation for the conservation of the Nyika Plateau.

What are the features of plateau?

A plateau is a flat, elevated landform that rises sharply above the surrounding area on at least one side. Plateaus occur on every continent and take up a third of the Earths land. They are one of the four major landforms, along with mountains, plains, and hills.

Which Plateau is known as a plateau within a plateau in Kenya?

The Kinangop Plateau is a region in Kenya that lies between the Kenyan Rift Valley to the west and the Aberdare Range to the east.

Kinangop Plateau
Elevation 2,500 m (8,200 ft)
Coordinates 0°33′00″S 36°33′18″ECoordinates: 0°33′00″S 36°33′18″E
Location Kenya

Which type of vegetation is dominant in Nyika plateau?

The flora of the plateau include gladioli, delphiniums, lobelia, and ‘red hot pokers’. The plateau is also home to around 200 species of orchids. Groves of montane forests also dot the plateau.

How many plateaus are there in Kenya?


Elevations run mainly between 300 and 900 meters (1,000 and 3,000 feet) except for the Chyulu Range and the Taita Hills, both of which rise to over 2,134 meters (7,000 feet).

What is the name given to the hills that have resisted erosion?

A mountain or rocky mass that has resisted erosion and stands isolated in an essentially level area. A hill or mountain standing isolated above a predominately flat plain. …

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In which district is Nyika national park?

The park covers practically the whole of the Nyika Plateau in northern Malawi, about 480 km north of Lilongwe and 60 km north of Rumphi by road.

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