What type of narrative technique was used by the author of the African Child?

The narrative technique used in the novel is that of a first-person narrator, evidently because it is an autobiography.

What are the literary devices used in the African child?

Answer. Answer: Diop’s strongest poetic device in this poem is that of personification. He infuses Africa with human qualities, and talks directly to her.

What is the plot of the African Child?

The African Child is an autobiographical French novel by Camara Laye published in 1953 as L’enfant noir. It tells the story of a young African child, Baba, growing up in Guinea. The novel won the Prix Charles Veillon writing prize.

What is the tone of the African Child?

The tone of the story is nostalgic as the narrator keeps telling his early childhood memories that he enjoyed in Guinea. The mood of the story is hopeful for the narrator wishes for a better future.

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Who is the writer of the African Child?

Камара Лэй

What does the symbol scars whip and blood suggest?

Ø Scars’, ‘whip’ and ‘blood’.

They stand for the torture that Africans went through in colonial time.

What is the central putik device used in the poem?

Verse is probably the definitive poetic device. It’s the way one line turns into another. The word “verse” is sometimes used synonymously with “poetry.” A restrictive definition of “verse” would be lines of writing that form a regular rhythm.

What are the characteristics of an African child?

Among the traditional characteristics of African children are (a) the early maturity in self-discipline, (b) the aspiration for education, (c) respect for traditional values, (d) early search for identity, and (e) a wholesome spirit of cooperation and dependence on one another.

What is the meaning of the poem I am an African child?

The message in the poem African Child comes at the end after describing his life: He is black and proud. The poem was written to foster a positive image of the African child and to help reconnect children of African ancestry to a positive image of their African heritage and identity.

What is the setting of the African Child by Camara Laye?


The African Child is set in the Malinke society of Guinea – a society that largely believes in magic, miracles, and traditional ceremonies.

Is EKU McGred African?

I Am An African Child : Poem Written By Eku McGred

Eku McGred, also known as George During, is a gifted musician, poet and songwriter who was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. … His poem “I am an African Child” spread across Philippines and USA and recited by children as a learning tool.

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What is the mood and tone of the poem Africa?

A triumphal feeling is a celebratory feeling. The speaker feels triumphal when he reflects on Africa because it is a proud homeland lineage full of images of might and greatness, as his grandmother sings of it. The secondary tone in “Your beautiful black blood that irrigates the fields,” is a tone sadly desperate.

Why did Camara Laye write the dark child?

Camara Laye wrote The Dark Child while he was a student in France, to ease his homesickness by recalling his youth in West Africa.

Why did the author write the poem the African child?

The poem was written to foster a positive image of the African child and to help reconnect children of African ancestry to a positive image of their African heritage and identity.

Is African child an autobiography?

The African Child was published in 1953 and it is an autobiographical novel written by Camara Laye. … Camara writes about his academic journey from the local Koranic and French elementary schools to Paris where he goes on scholarship to study mechanics.

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