What type of biome is Cape Town South Africa?

The Fynbos Biome is considered by many to be synonymous with the Cape Floristic Region or Cape Floral Kingdom.

What biome is Cape Town?

Location of Cape Town in relation to the fynbos biome (grey) and neighboring biomes in South Africa. The fynbos biome largely delimits the extent of the Cape Floristic Region (dark boundary line). Cape Town is an urban hotspot within the Cape Floristic Region global biodiversity hotspot.

What biome does South Africa have?

The Savanna Biome is the largest Biome in southern Africa, occupying 46% of its area, and over one- third the area of South Africa.

Why is it called fynbos biome?

The word fynbos comes from the Dutch for fine-leaved plants. Many fynbos plants depend on fire for their survival, some needing the heat for their seeds to germinate. Many popular garden plants, such as geraniums and freesias have their origin in fynbos.

What type of ecosystem is the Cape Floristic region?

Covering 78,555 km2, Cape Floristic Region hotspot is located entirely within the borders of South Africa. It is one of the five temperate Mediterranean-type systems on the hotspots list, and is one of only two hotspots that encompass an entire floral kingdom (the other being New Caledonia).

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What is the smallest biome in South Africa?

Forests are southern Africa’s smallest biome, and although it is the region’s largest forest complex (Acocks 1953), the remaining Knysna forest covers a mere 568 km2 (Midgley et al.

Which biome is the smallest?

Mediterranean. This is one of the world’s smallest biomes, occurring on the west coast of the Unite …

What are the 9 biomes in South Africa?

Mucina and Rutherford (2006) map nine biomes in South Africa: Fynbos Biome; Succulent Karoo Biome; Desert Biome; Nama-Karoo Biome; Grassland Biome; Savanna Biome; Albany Thicket Biome; Indian Ocean Coastal Belt; Forests; and two on the subantarctic Prince Edward Islands: Subantarctic Tundra Biome and Polar Desert Biome …

What biome is Africa?

1 Answer

  • Mediterranean Forest Biome.
  • Deserts (e.g. the Sahara, Kalahari)
  • Tropical and Subtropical Grasslands,Savannas and Shrublands.
  • Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests.
  • Tropical and Subtropical Dry Broadleaf Forests.
  • Flooded Grasslands and Savannas.
  • Afro-Alpine Grasslands and Shrublands.
  • Mangroves.


Which country has the most biomes?

5 of the Most Biodiverse Countries in the World

  1. Brazil. Brazil is considered THE most biodiverse country on the planet – where one-tenth of the world’s overall species call home. …
  2. China. Lying in two major ecozones, the Palearctic and Indomalaya, China is proud to be the third most biodiverse country in the world. …
  3. Peru. …
  4. Mexico. …
  5. Ecuador.


What is so special about fynbos?

The species diversity of fynbos is one of the main things that makes it so special. Table Mountain alone has more species of plants than the whole of the British Isles. … Two thirds of these species are endemic to the region, thus meaning that they occur nowhere else on earth.

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Why is fynbos so special?

It’s valuable because it is under threat – due in no small part to agriculture, invading plant species, and human development. Fynbos is a totally unique kind of vegetation that makes up 80 per cent of the Cape Floral Kingdom, two-thirds of which are found only in the Cape (nowhere else on earth).

What animals live in fynbos?

There are very few trees or grasses in Fynbos. Animals include small buck like Grysbok and Steenbok, the Bontebok, Leopard, Chacma Baboon, Porcupine, tortoises and nectar- and seed-eating birds. Many people in this biome are employed to harvest Fynbos plants.

What makes the Cape Floral Region so special?

The Cape Floral Region forms a centre of active speciation where interesting patterns of endemism and adaptive radiation are found in the flora. … The outstanding diversity, density and endemism of the flora are among the highest worldwide.

Which of the six floral kingdoms can be found in South Africa?

Six floral kingdoms—Boreal (Holarctic), Paleotropical, Neotropical, South African (Capensic), Australian,… The Australian region is the most isolated, followed closely by the South American portion of the Neotropical region. Both of these areas contain a large number of unique plant species.

What does fynbos mean?

Fynbos (/ˈfeɪnbɒs/; Afrikaans pronunciation: [ˈfɛinbos] meaning fine-leaved plants) is a small belt of natural shrubland or heathland vegetation located in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa.

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